sonder autumn 1710
2 years old
Thieves' Guild
She is the second daughter conceived by two enormous wolves, blessed with the blood of her monstrous ancestors and born equally enormous as those who came before. The giantess was bred to conquer, and her strength is visible beneath her fur, rippling muscle formed in a lifetime of training and fighting, with a solid form and disciplined rigid posture.

Her pelt is white from the tips of her ears to the tail, just like her fearsome sire. Indeed, Freyja greatly resembles her father and stands close to the height of the sire who vanished from her life, possessing the same muscular frame.

Her eyes are mismatched, a trait inherited from her mother. The right eye is a scarlet hue like blood, matching her father’s, while her left eye is a piercing shade of aquatic blue like her mother. Her stare is intense and disturbing, and her expression often portrays the hint of a sick, sadistic smile that can hardly be construed as friendly or kind. Even at first glance, it is clear this stark white wolfess is no angel.

fur palette
eye colour
Extra Large
Frost, Cedar, A Hint of Blood

Freyja was created with the robust physique of a titan and the calculating mind of an overlord. She has been instructed from a tender young age to be ruthless, savage, and unaffected by violence and destruction. On the contrary, she revels in the mayhem of battle and her regard for her enemies, can only be described as barbaric.

An intelligent tactician, she is acutely aware of her opponent’s faintest movements and expressions, enabling her to stay one step ahead of her enemies in battle. She is intentional and deadly. Intimately familiar with fatality and the macabre, she has a morbid outlook on life and thus, she allows herself a sort of fearlessness in battle.

She can be distrusting of males due to her earlier recollections of her misogynistic sire and the differences in how he treated his offspring when he bothered to come around at all. Freyja does have a rare a soft spot for pups, perhaps due to growing up with so many siblings, and having lost a handful of them in their earliest months. She trusts some siblings, despises others, but she remains loyal to a select few.

She is also highly independent, relishing moments of silence in the midst of her chaotic family life. She is equally skilled at working alone as she is working in tandem with a sibling or two. Even without a partner to fight alongside, Freyja’s chilling expression and preparedness for victory make her an incredible warrior - just as she was intended to be.

Neutral Evil
Women, the thrill of a heist, spoils from raids
Liars, cheats, injustice, incompetence
attracted to
Born and bred outside of these lands, Freyja is all, but tempered to the culture and society she now finds herself in, in Rionnach. This brutish woman earned herself the title of a Captain of marauding ship off the coast. All of her crew are a lowly band of thieves that by their lonesome are yellow-bellied ingrates that would do anything for profit or pleasure. In her presence, however, they would not dare step out of line. In fact, some of them are seen cowering at the sharpest of orders she barks to the other mates.
Their vessel, the Valkyrie is well-known...a terrible omen for some, a beacon of hope for others. Freyja has dedicated her life to freeing women who have found theirselves wrongfully imprisoned or living in undesirable conditions. Liberating them is only half the battle as she risks her own neck, ensuring their safe transport to safe houses and destinations of their choosing. They are always welcome to join her crew, although many of them choose life elsewhere given that the rite of passage for this would be a sparring match with the Captain. As she continues her work across the lands of Rionnach, she builds and burns her bridges carefully to continue her legacy from the shadows and whispers of her deeds.
She did not rise to this position easily. There is a dark history sunk to the bottom of the ocean, where Freyja has damned it to. The things she has seen. The things she has done. The things done unto her. The perfect formula for the ruthless poison that flows through her veins. Might it be left secrets for eternity?



Scarring beneath her thick coat all over her body.