sonder winter 1710
Spring 1703
6 years old
College of Eòlas
Deceased as of Autumn, 1710
28” - 90 lbs - Lean

Illaria is a beautiful mix of colors. Her base a beautiful cream color blanketed in a silvery grey. The Merle pattern that decorates her form is made up of black, dark gray, white and tans. Her eyes heterochromatic, her left eye a bright green, her right eye and vibrant sky blue. Her nose a beautiful “butterfly” of pink and black.

fur palette
eye colour
Raspberries; Hint of herbs

Set firm in her ways to her family. She will always remain loyal to her family and anyone she values as family. They will come first.


Whatever it is, if her heart connects to it she becomes dedicated to it. It could be work, or a person. Anything.


Due to her family history, the lack of attention has caused Illaria to have a jealous nature. Desperate to cling to anyone she cares for. She will do anything to keep their love.


Illaria has her moments where some things set her off, mostly being judged or pushed to far. But bringing up her family is sure to cause her to snap.


Illaria has often come across as sassy and bitchy to others. She uses it as a defensive tactic outside of working. Though she can playfully come across as sassy as well.

Chaotic Good
Pups, Raspberries, Herbs, Flowers, Music
Being Judged
attracted to
Birth - 11 months

Born to Valor and Lyric Silvius; Outlanders who settled near the border of the Mainlands just south of Edinburgh. Illaria is the Middle Child of Three. The Invisible child. Though her parents never intentionally overlooked Illaria, she felt the desire to seek their approval. Constantly seeking the love and affection of her parents, she often found herself jealous of her siblings. This caused a rift between herself and her siblings, as she felt like an outcast in her own family. Though she loved them all regardless.

1 Year

At a year old Illaria began to realize the view Some Rionnach Natives held towards the outlander’s. The negative reputation that cast a shadow on her people from the connection some hold to the Thieves’ Guild. It fueled her to do something better with herself. She decided then that she would be more than the reputation of her people, she’d do something worth her parents attention. She just wasn’t quite sure what that would be yet. Leaving home she ventured out into the world to discover what she wanted to do with herself.

2 Years

After Leaving Home, She’d traveled north to Edinburgh. It was there in the bustling Streets of the city that Illaria fell in love with life. Her home was quiet and calm. But Edinburgh was full of life, it was there she heard of the College of Eòlas. Intrigued she left Edinburgh and headed west to Melrose. Amazed at the possibilities that Eòlas opened for her life, Illaria settled in Melrose and joined the college. Determined to make something of herself she began her pursuit of Knowledge.

3 Years

Illaria’s second year at Eòlas and she has fallen deeply in love with her life at the college. The people, the lessons, everything excites her in a way she never thought possible. However it is in this year that both of her parents fell ill, unaware of this she continued her studies. She wasn’t sure about her major, she knew she had a pull towards medicine and music. However when a Corvid arrived from her siblings tell her how sick her parents were, she took a small leave of absence and returned home. It was in this year that her parents died of the illness, and Illaria picked her Major because of this. She wanted to be a nurse. This was the year a young girl came into her life; Willow. A cute pup who was often bouncing around the college.

4 Years

Having selected her major the year prior Illaria focused on her schooling. Determined to still make something of herself even if she’d never gain her parent’s approval. When she wasn’t in class she was bonding with Willow; who was Roughly a year old now. Looking at her as if she was her little sister. During this time; she gained a cool professor named Khepri. She often took small leaves of Absences this year to go help out with injuries Soldiers. Focusing her time on the less serious injuries so the medics could focus on the more severe injuries. It was during a few of these trips that she met a Soldier named Nalik. She spoke with him in passing and only ran into him occasionally on her trips to help out the medics.

5 Years

She graduated early in this year. Unsure of what to do with herself she often bounces around towns to help those in need. But most of her time is spent helping medics with the soldiers or back at the college to visit with Willow and Khepri. Besides those two, she has almost no personal interactions with anyone. Her whole life is dedicated to her work.

6 Years

She is not officially 6 years old yet, still working her ass off. Despite the tensions of the world around her.

Valor Silvius x Lyric (Drea) Silvius
Crush; Nalik



Small scars dot her muzzle from Ryker