sonder summer 1710
Spring 1704
4 years old
Thieves' Guild
Tir Na Nog

coarse white fur, bristly and thick ▪︎ black on his ear tips, muzzle, and tail ▪︎ bright blood red gaze ▪︎ freckled paw pads ▪︎ shark like smirk ▪︎ prowling gait, head low and set forward
fur palette
eye colour
Extra Large
mulled cider
Without fail Bastien always finds himself treading shark-infested waters. As a boy it made him reckless and inflated his ego dangerously close to maximum capacity. Too many times he teased the fangs of fate only for it to finally snap its jaws around his throat. The scars are visible on his soul, lessons he learned the hard way. Has he ever stopped learning this way? Experience ground his arrogance into exhausted wariness in the same manner crashing waves chip bits of sediment from the cliffs to the sea.

Bastien rarely extends his trust to others. An animated facade makes him somewhat likeable to strangers while evasive answers keep them at a distance. His relationships remain shallow because, though a longing for companionship echoes in his hollow chest, a lifetime of betrayals and deceit proved that left in the paws of other wolves he will drown. It makes for a solitary life but it's worth it to ensure his daughter can live hers fully and freely without his past complicating her future. For Vela he chooses to swim.
Lawful Evil
drinking, fishing, storms, revenge (served cold)
disorder, heat, geese, the army, being betrayed
attracted to


A ship with no sails. Mistakenly conceived during a night of reckless abandon and born to wolves that valued their freedom more than teaching their only son to keep himself afloat in the ever changing tides, Bastien had to learn how to swim all on his own.

Eventually, he was swept up by the mafia, his latent desire to be needed and wanted lured out the pretense of family. Bastien did everything to provide for his hosts. No assignment could dissuade him, the remora fed confidence by the sharks. Eager to do their bidding, he became quite good at what he did until one fatal misstep. One night of reckless passion with his boss' son was all it took to wash away everything he did for them. Wolves he once relied on and trusted cast him, alone and unmoored, into the sea.

1705 - 1709

Bastien drifted for a while, just struggling to stay afloat. At just over a year old, the Imperial Army’s siren call, promising structure and companionship, pulled him in. He went from lawbreaker to lawmaker overnight and flexed his newfound authority at every opportunity. One of his first acts when he was promoted to lieutenant was to exact his revenge just one year later. The wolves that left him high and dry were swiftly brought before a judge and served sentences for the crimes he commited on their behalf while he was granted impunity for bringing in the big fish. But justice did not quell the raging storm that their betrayal stirred up in him; it instead awakened a violent swell of conflicting emotions. Suddenly the law that he'd dedicated himself to serving proved that it could not heal his festered wounds. The ones who had destroyed his life would continue theirs at the end of their sentences.

The passing years did nothing to quench his thirst for retribution. His viciousness evolved into acts of aggression and abuse of power as soon as he was promoted to captain which did not go unnoticed, and when his old crew turned up dead in their cells following Bastien's declaration of vengeance, there was no doubt about who the culprit was. A colonel desperate to tie up some loose ends of his own was eager to manipulate the situation to his advantage and approached Bastien with an offer: Abandon his post, meaning certain death, or do one simple favor and his slate would be wiped clean.


Bastien doesn't regret the choice he made. Kill the bitch and bring me the brat was the deal that signed his death warrant. A bit of coin worked as well as his fangs would have – the mother traded over her child without a second thought. However, during the journey home, the child's innocent blathering and wide, trusting eyes tamed the tempest in his heart and completing his task became impossible. Come hell, high water, or the wrath of Colonel Rusk, he would raise and protect her himself. And so, Bastien renamed her Vela, the sails.

- His alias is Beathen Grier.
- Bastien stopped aging in 1708 at 4 years old.
- Specialized in waterboarding and asphyxiation.
vela grier