sonder winter 1710
Spring 1707
3 years old
Owner of Rosie's Tea Garden & Patisserie
Golden eyes like sunshine, sparkle in the morning light as the warm welcoming host of Rosie's Tea Garden & Patisserie greets you. Though she is an average sized woman in height, she is stout and plump around her middle and hips. “Never trust a baker who doesn't sample her own goods!" She jokes with her patrons, raising a toast and enjoying her bakes and beverages along with them. Her coat is a medley of earthen and smoke atop a snow white, a lovely mixture of her mother's and father's features.
fur palette
eye colour
Vanilla and Chai Spice

Warm The first thing many notice about Odette is how drawn they are to her warmth and kindness. She has an aura about her that calms others, while the the soft tone of her voice soothes and puts them at ease. And in an environment such as a cozy tea shop and bakery, the cozy atmosphere she provides is one that keeps many patrons returning to not only enjoy the wares, but simply to visit with her. She learns first names quickly and her relationship with her community is very personable. It is also said that she gives life-changing hugs.

Compassionate Since she was a girl, there has always been an incredible amount of compassion for other beings. She has rehabilitated small animals, fed the hungry with any extra inventory from the bakery, given of her own personal items for those who were in need. Material items are always replaceable, but the spirits that walk among us deserve kindness and caring no matter where they come from. In this day and age, she is very conscious of the high tension due to war and if there is any way for her to bring light into the darkness that looms, she will find it.

Overcritical Odette is a perfectionist. While her appearance may be a bit messy when she's baking or working on brewing tea, there will never be a single tea leaf or pastry design out of place. She is meticulous when it comes to her craft and she can often be a bit too engrossed in her work, simply wanting it to be absolutely one hundred and one percent before serving to the public. While it makes for magnificently aesthetic dishes, she understands that her level of perfectionism is a tad bit unhealthy and is working on this part of herself.

Witty If you're looking for a gentle soul, yet one that can fling out a quip at the drop of a hat, then you've come to the right place. Odette has a wonderful sense of humor, witty humor to be precise. Conversations with her are most enjoyable. Even if she's busy in a breakfast or lunch rush, she still has time to also serve out the best one-liners.

Outspoken Never fool the woman's warmth and compassion for a weakness. Like her mother before her, she will not stand for maltreatment of anyone and has been known to promptly see folk with ill intentions out of her shop. She would rather lose a customer than promote negative behaviors. Odette preaches positivity and kindness and lives by what she says. She is bold in the face of ignorance, intolerance, and cruelty and will fight for anyone who is a victim of such. She has scolded men of gargantuan size and pinched their ears to lead them out of her shop. While she is willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt and allow them to try again, you only get two chances with her.

Neutral Good
Sound of rain, smell of fresh pastries, cozy nooks
Immaturity, gloating, being objectified
attracted to
The story begins before our lovely lady Odette Rose Lithgow. It begins with her mother and namesake, Rosalynn Lithgow. She was a strong-willed and very capable woman, one who was way ahead of her time. She was admired by many and even feared by those reckless enough to earn the brunt of her wrath.

Rosalynn was well-known in a small village of the outskirts of Iverness as a rather ambitious farmhand who had built her own mill and then honed her skill as a baker. It was her life's work to deliver and sell enough to not only care for her immediate family, but to start to save for her dream of opening a tried and true bakery in the heart of Iverness. She also volunteered to feed the homeless with her bakes, helping as many folk as she could while helping herself along as it was only fair.

A rowdy group of rough and tumble Clansmen entered her life one day, the type that had more beef in their skulls than they did brains. The entire lot of them attempted to court Rosalynn on numerous occasions and it seemed that her rejection of each of them had discouraged them...all, but one. Duncan McGregor, son of a son of a Chief with an attitude so atrocious, Rosalynn sent him packing almost instantly. Yet, he would return, and each time he did, he would take notes from her on how to treat a woman. By doing this he would evolve into a well-rounded, emotionally literate gentleman...and all for the love of one woman who one day took a look at what she'd created happily gave it to him.

They married, but Rosalynn insisted she keep her maiden name, which was passed down to get through a Matriarchal lineage. Duncan respected and agreed with her decision to do just that. And when she became pregnant, she wished for her children to also carry on her mother's name. Again, Duncan relented with ease...there were enough McGregor's in the world and not quite enough Lithgows.

And when Rosalynn gave birth...most of their children dead and her dying. Duncan honored every request that her dying breaths could carry. He would carry on with their work and open their bakery in the Spring. He would raise their singular precious daughter and love her from this life into the next one they all might share. He named their baby girl Odette Rose Lithgow. There were enough McGregror's in the world...and there would never be enough Lithgows...


Odette was a ray of sunshine in practically everyone's lives. She brought a warmth and a kindness into the most melancholy of days. Always laughing, always singing, she was a child made of pure love and so love was what she truly was. Her Papa was a baker for as long as she could remember and she always helped wherever she could, enjoying meeting all the people of Iverness and learning how to make loaves and pastries and lots of yummy things! Every night Odette asked her Papa to tell her about her Mum and every night she hardly need to beg, for Duncan would fondly reminisce upon the memories of the love of his life, always willing to share the stories with his pride and joy.

As she grew, Odette became a more active member of the bakery and her community, taking on her mother's role in helping to feed the hungry and caring for the poor. She even began to set aside time for her newest interest...becoming a connoisseur and brewer of the finest imported teas. Like her mother before her, she began to expand her knowledge and skill, worked tireless hours to see it all to fruition. Before the winter of 1709, she opened her tea shop as an expansion to her Papa's bakery, the two storefront's combining to become Rosie's Tea Garden & Pattisserie. Today she proudly runs the shop side by side with her Papa and greets all with a warm welcome to the heart of Iverness.

Rosalynn Lithgow (Deceased - Cause of Death: Childbirth) + Duncan McGregor
*Polyamorous* ~ None currently.