sonder winter 1710
2 years old
Jacobian Army
student nurse

eye color | turquiose

base coat color | intricate swirls of marshmallow cream and sun-kissed auburn

noticable markings | white framing around eyes and black darkened tips of ears

coat description | medium in length, slicked back and smooth to the touch

build | deceitful to the eye, Nymeria is a powerhouse hidden in a small frame. a slender torso, long delicate legs, built for running and games. topped off with royal features such as high cheekbones and big, innocent, doe eyes.

fur palette
eye colour
sweet orange and peppermint

On the surface...

In essence, Nymeria is a compassionate soul with a heart as vast as her curiosity. While her well-meaning nature can occasionally make her interactions a bit overbearing, her intentions are always genuine. She grapples with the complexities of the world and her own anxieties, leading to a tendency to overthink and potentially misinterpret situations. Her openness and trustfulness, born from a desire to connect with others, can sometimes leave her susceptible to manipulation, making her journey through life an intricate tapestry of emotions and experiences.

- - - - -

A bit deeper...

+ kind: Nymeria is undoubtedly a kind-hearted individual. She naturally sociable and adept at engaging in conversation with others, always making an effort to be approachable and comforting. Her true strength lies in her superb listening skills, driven by an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

+ nosy: However, her eagerness to glean information can occasionally lead her astray, causing her to overhear private conversations or delve too deeply into the affairs of others. Nymeria doesn't intend to intrude but might find herself loitering, hanging on to every word, and occasionally chiming in with unsolicited thoughts.

+ compassionate: Her caring nature is the cornerstone of her character, rooted in her profound sorrow for the seeming senselessness of life's constant losses. As a result, Nymeria makes an effort to befriend nearly everyone she encounters, genuinely concerned for their well-being. Those who know her understand that she's always willing to lend a helping paw, often offering assistance before it's even requested.

+ over-thinker: When left to her own thoughts, Nymeria's mind becomes a labyrinth of contemplation. The uncertainty of the future, combined with her own unsettled place in the world, keepers her in a perpetual state of reflection. She frequently finds herself overwhelmed, trying to make sense of her myriad thoughts. Even minor social interactions can become monumental events in her mind, as she obsessively dissects and overanalyzes every nuance, often leading to misunderstandings and misinterpretations of others' intentions.

+ naive: Nymeria's warm-heartedness and quest for understand makes her susceptible to manipulation. Her lack of personal experience and trusting nature can lead her to put too much faith in those who make a positive initial impression. this leaves her vulnerable to deception or exploitation, as she might overlook ulterior motives and blindly follow someone's lead.

Lawful Neutral
attracted to

In a land, far, far away...

Nymeria Zyphear was born into a loving family in the rugged outer lands of a world surrounded by rogues and lawless wastelands.

Her mother, Lilith, was a formidable and respected leader of a group known as the Zorya, tasked with maintaining the borders and ensuring the safety of their community. Her father, Teucer, was a poet and medic whose gentle spirit complemented her mother's strength.

Growing up, Nymeria had the best of both worlds - the resilience and determination of her mother and the creative wisdom of her father.

Her father, Teucer, was a poet, but he was also a wellspring of wisdom and knowledge. Under his guidance, she embarked on a journey of intellectual discovery. Teucer's extensive schooling lessons were a gift, endowing her with a profound love for knowledge and literature. He taught her to find beauty in even the harshest of environments, fostering a deep appreciation for the world's wonders. While her father's influence imbued her with a poetic soul, it was his lessons in basic medicine that allowed her to understand and respect the healing arts. Nymeria watched with unwavering attention as Teucer tended to the wounds and ailments of the Zorya, cultivating a deep understanding of the fragility and resilience of life.

Conversely, Nymeria's mother, Lilith, was a paragon of strength and pragmatism. She was not just the leader of the Zorya but also a fierce protector of her family. Lilith's lessons for her daughter were rooted in self-defense and survival skills. She was determined to ensure that Nymeria would not only be self-sufficient but also a formidable force to be reckoned with should the unforgiving circumstances of their environment demand it. These lessons from Lilith instilled in Nymeria a profound sense of resilience, determination, and preparedness.

As Nymeria grew, her life became a harmonious blend of the arts and sciences, of poetic wonder and practicality, of resilience and compassion. She could find beauty in the midst of adversity, and she was always ready to defend herself and those she held dear. It was this unique upbringing, characterized by the wisdom of her father and the strength of her mother, that would shape her into the remarkable and multifaceted individual she was destined to become: a beacon of hope in a world where lawlessness reigned, and rogues abounded.

Lilith Zyphear x Teucer Kudret
Virelai, Toulose, Rook, and Polaris
Members of the Zyphear and Kudret family