Black Seafarer played by Kalli
Highlander Commonwealth Fisherwoman Voxi
Black is an abyssal pitch of the deepest, richest onyx hue. There is no interruption and no blemishes in her sea of obsidian. A distinct gloss is attached to her fibers, as if born of the depths of the ocean itself. Her eyes speak to this even more so, seaglass, a light foamy green, brilliant and bright against her dark backdrop. She is a beast of medium, average proportions. A jack of all trades, extremely versatile and adaptive. She is young, and female, so her body has a slight feminine curve to which offers her an adornment of subtle, simple beauty. Her face only changes from her dormant, drone like stoicism when invoked with joy from her family.
attracted to: Males
scent: Sandalwood and sea salt
Calculating- she is a thinker before she acts. Or at least tries to be. As she grows she tries to maintain full control, though being so young still, it’s a learning process. Just - Black tries to find, and adhere to, the fair side of things. What’s right is right, and that’s all there is to it. But is what’s right a matter of opinion? Who’s to say. Black struggles with this but does her best to be just in any and all matters of life. Diplomatic - Cordial and civil, she is best when discussing matters. She’s a wonderful debater. She doesn’t let emotion get the better of her, and instead tries to stick to fact and truth. If she were ever part of a large pack or group, she would be the best one to send to speak to the other party, she could negotiate treaties of all kinds. And wars, too. Cold - she has trouble exhibiting emotion and feelings. They confuse her, and thus leave her rather cold most of the time. She has experienced love, for she loves her family. She cares for them. But she struggles with comprehending how and why another would feel a certain way. Aggressive - in everything, she forges passion and dedication. She is not just outwardly and angrily aggressive, throwing her weight around, no. She is a woman set on a mission, and will stop at nothing to achieve whatever goal she has. She is aggressive in politics, fights, fishing, swimming - competitive yet supportive. Black gives 300% of effort.
She was born to mother and Cailan (name). Her brother, Caspian, is very dear to her. Deep down, Black is family oriented. One could suppose they have had a normal life thus far, however absent Cailan had been. From the sea, fishermen and swimmers, Black is an expert in both. Now, while so young, she hungers for the thrill of life, but cannot venture too far or too long from the sea itself.
parents Coming soon
lover N/A
children N/A

None atm

the player
pronouns She/her
birthday 8/29
contact pm