Balfour DeArc Whelan played by Amphi
Mainlander Thieves' Guild freeloader Royalist
A boy of vanity, Balfour prides himself in his appearance. From the soft, gentle gold, to the pure, crisp white, to the dark and inky black -- he is a canvas where each brush stroke is intentional and perfect. Perhaps in a direct reflection of this hubris, an easy, oily smile plays at his lips most of the time-- even in moments of stress or sadness.

His eyes are a brilliant, glimmering blue of the Caribbean sea, set beneath dark and heavy eye shadow as if to show them off all the more. The boy is still young, and so he remains tall without his bulk-- but sure enough, as he grows unto adulthood he will be a force to behold.

the half-lidded grin of his father - - clear and luminous eyes -- lazy saunter
attracted to: Females
scent: smoke and rain
His very being is a garden planted with loving care by his mother. Fodder and love were poured into him with careless abandon, and his soul was left to grow vast and wild-- and quite without proper pruning. Many pieces of him should have been trimmed, thinned out, nipped in the bud-- but alas, each and every part of him grew and grew, for better or for worse. Weeds now grow rampant within him. Vines cover the fine porcelain figurines. Ragged brambles cover any sense of order that may have existed within him, barbing any defined path that tried to form.

The boy plunges head-first into life without much thought or care as to his place in the world. Life is wild and filled with dizzying ups and downs-- might as well laugh loudly and treat it like a ride. The wildness of his Highlander heritage pronounces itself boldly in Balfour, and expresses itself with fearless daring and unapologetic confidence. If he fancies someone, he'll say so-- if he doesn't, he'll also say so. The boy possesses a perhaps cruel sense of humor, and lacks any sense of morality that the rest of the world may call 'moral'.

purpose in the moment -- morals? -- smile for me
Balfour was born to his mother, Laoise, within the Brothels of the Thieves guild. His childhood was, vaguely speaking, uneventful. He was generally doted upon by both his mother and the other prostitutes, but was often left to his own devices. As a boy he would wander the corridors of the Brothel in search of extra food or trouble, flattening his ears as his mother's unapologetic laughter echoed from behind the door, her clients making all sorts of noises. A saving grace, perhaps, was the only other child within the Brothel -- a kind of adopted sister, but more-so just a friend -- the pretty, enduring Lyre. Together, they could talk and laugh and cover the sounds that echoed through the hallways.

He never met his father, but his mother spoke highly of the sly-grinning man who had given her a hell of a night (or a few, actually-- he was special in that regard). Balfour found himself idolizing the man he never met, and made conscious strides to be just like him, as his mother described him.
neglect freedom -- grew up in the thick of thieves --
parents Laoise MacKenna Whelan x Baol DeArc
lover n/a
children n/a


the player
pronouns she/her
birthday May 27th
contact pm