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There are two ways to experience combat. You can talk it out which involves you and your RP partner working out the result of the fight and writing it out. Or, you can submit to RNJesus and roll in the discord or a thread. Either way, wins and losses count toward your achievements.

If you are rolling in a thread, just include [roll=combat] at the top of your post and be sure to track your HP. Feel free to consult staff if you need help. Posts in a fight have a 50 word minimum.

DISCORD: If you elect to bow at RNJesus' altar, inform a staff member. A channel, often called a "raid channel", will be set up for you in the discord. At the start, you and your partner both roll out of 10. The one with the highest number goes first.

When it is your turn, write a brief 1-2 sentence description of how your character intends to attack. Roll out of 20. The number rolled is the amount of damage dealt—with two exceptions. If you roll a 1, it is a critical failure and you take 3 damage. If you roll a 20, it is a critical hit and you deal 25 damage.

  • 0 HP — your character is on the threshold of death. You need to roll out of 10 and if you get 4 or higher your character survives. Otherwise, your character succumbs to their injuries and dies. Your character carries a chronic condition from then on.
  • 1 to 5 HP — At 5 HP or less, your character will carry a chronic condition of your choice. This condition can be visible (e.g. losing an eye) or internal (e.g. loss of pain sensitivity). Your character will always be in the injured category for all future battles
  • 6 to10 HP — Your character carries a permanent scar

  • Your character may flee battle at any time, and if the battle is a spar, we suggest that you pick a "winning HP" above 0. For example: First to 30 HP loses. Characters risk death at 25 HP so be careful out there.

    Guild Benefits
  • College of Eolas — +5 HP at the start of battle.
  • Commonwealth — Can't take extra damage from critical hits or critical failures
  • Imperial Army — Add 5 damage to any one roll that isn't a critical hit (20)
  • Thieves' Guild — Roll advantage once (roll twice and take the highest)

  • Stats
    Healthy Adult
    70 HP
    Injured or 1
    55 HP
    Pregnant or Old
    50 HP