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You know the drill, NAME your character. First names only when registering your account. Names are not reusable—once they are taken, they cannot be reapplied. The same is true for surnames. Once taken, it is assumed that all those carrying the last name are related.

Choose your characters' AGE. Aging and approx. human age equivalencies are listed HERE. All characters aged less than 1 will need a guardian IC in order to be accepted and will be in the Commonwealth as specialized guild membership begins at the age of 1. The youngest character you can bring in is based on season: Spring (2-3 months), Summer (4-6 months), Fall (7-9 months), Winter (8-12 months).

Select a SIZE (XS, S, M, L, or XL). Note that sizes do not affect gameplay. In your profiles, you may expand more upon physique. There are no set height and weight values for each category, but the smallest a wolf can be is 25'' tall (XS) and the largest can be 36'' tall (XL) with ~2.2 inches between each size.

Determine your character's PERSONALITY. Five core personality words are required along with a written description of at least 15 words.

Determine your character’s APPEARANCE in one of the following ways:
(1) Provide a visual reference of your character and a written description of at least 15 words; or
(2) If you have no visual reference, you must write a detailed description of your character’s appearance that is at least 50 words. All appearances must adhere to the guidelines below.

Write out your character's HISTORY with at least 15 words. Be sure to exclude humans or human artifacts beyond torn down castles.

All other profile sections, including family and injury sections, may remain blank and are up to your discretion to fill out. Please write to your heart's content and provide enough to be informative while keeping the process fun.

For eye colors, if you can find it on the color wheel, you can use it. Taste the rainbow. Note that black eyes are reserved for the melanism mutation and that colorless eyes are for the albinism mutation. Only puppies rolled on-site may have elective heterochromia, so long as it includes the color originally rolled.

Pelt colors are all natural colors. Your character may have as many natural colors as you like. When completing your profile, select the palette that most closely resembles your character.


white fur, pink skin, colorless eyes

whites, light grays, creams

blues, grays,


russets, golds, creams

black fur, eyes, skin, organs

tans, golds,

blacks, grays, silvers

No unrealistic markings. This includes spots, stripes, bilateral asymmetry, shapes, and anything else you probably wouldn't see at a wolf sanctuary. UNLESS you purchase the merle item in the shop which opens up some spots and asymmetrical patterns.

Physical mutations due to genetic complications or injuries such as missing limbs, curled tails, blindness, etc. are allowed, just be sure to add the injury to the character's profile and adjust health in combat to the "injured" category.

Intersex characters may be fertile or infertile, but must choose whether their female or male genitalia is most developed and fully functional. In other words, intersex characters can be able to birth puppies or impregnant others, but cannot do both. This choice does not have to be made prior to the character's first litter, but afterwards, becomes set in stone.

Your character's nationality will directly affect how they move through the world as a citizen of Rionnach. Nationality affects culture and grants unique perks. Carefully read about each nationality and determine where your character fits best. Click on the headers to learn more.

patient, intelligent, studious
loyal, free, untamed
practical, clever, shrewd

Rionnach is a nation with a functioning army, thriving academics, black market, and diverse citizenry. Every character will be a part of a guild, which functions almost like a pack—there are unique subboards that only members can access as well as ranks. Keep in mind that, regardless of your guild affiliation, you are still a citizen of Rionnach. More information here.

Note that any nationality may be in any guild.

Imperial Army

live to serve and die by the crown
College of Eòlas

study of nature and medicine

a life of nobility or poverty
Thieves' Guild

a criminal abiding by no law

Ranks are fluid. So long as the rank you choose is reasonable (i.e. not a flower picker in the army), you may have it and adjust your history accordingly. Your rank can change, such as by being demoted or promoted, and it is not necessarily unique (i.e. you cannot claim you are the only professor in the college).

You are highly encouraged to form groups within your guilds, such as a crime syndicate in the Thieve's Guild or a patrol unit in the Imperial Army. Build your stories around one another and use the flexibility of the ranks to fully develop your character. Get caught stealing and be kicked out of your merry band. Go get married into the noble class and move up in high society. The world is your oyster.

To be accepted you need...

OOC Account

You only need to make one once
IC Account

One for each character, first name as username
Complete Profile

No blanks!
Discord Access

Click the link on the main page to join!

One of the four above

One of the four above

Make it up and be reasonable

Be nice and post a thread here

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