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Houses are organized groups that serve prominent roles within a given land. Everyone under a house's banner is there for a mutually shared purpose. Houses can be powerful families, crime syndicates, clinics, and any other organization of wolves that you can possibly imagine. Some are politically active, others strives to improve their communities. Perhaps the incentive is to prioritize smuggling within a city—the possibilities are endless. To see the list of accepted houses by region, CLICK HERE

Houses never disband—once they are made, they are there forever until IC forces cause the house to dissolve. Although houses never disband, they will not always keep their benefits. Only the two most active houses will receive house benefits per region. Activity will be reassed every 2 IC seasons (18 OOC weeks).


POLITICAL — At the end of each season, a house can automatically award a party of their choosing 3 points. This reflects the house's IC influence on the town governance and people.

EVENTS — Heads of Houses can purchase raids of their own design for the wolves in their house. These raids could be hunts, brawls, and can feature other houses or unaffiliated wolves (such as if the house wishes to thwart brigands or conduct a war against another house).

PERSONAL SUB-BOARD — The two most active houses will have a sub-board of their own in a city of their choosing within their region.

WILD CARD — The fourth benefit is up to the house and can change every time benefits are instated (2 IC seasons). Heads of Houses can choose to offer their wolves one of the following:
  • 4 possible pups in breeding
  • +10 health in combat
  • coming soon - crafting

  • Requirements

    Heads of House — These wolves are the leaders or "alphas" of the house and may have any title that they so prefer. The only requirement is that they have 50 posts each.

    Members — Members of the house need to have 10 posts each.

    Formation — The house needs a total of 5 wolves. This can be split in any way that you so choose (IE: 2 leaders, 3 members. 3 leaders, 2 members, etc.). Once you meet this requirement, go to the discord and post in #updates.

    As mentioned before, houses never disband even if they drop beneath the members required to form. However, smaller houses will naturally have less influence ICly. Therefore, we use house benefits to reflect the IC perks that an active, and therefore prominent, house will receive.

    Only two houses can receive benefits in a region at any given time. The benefits are awarded based on activity and re-evaluated every 2 IC seasons (18 OOC weeks). Your house can earn activity points in the following ways:
  • +1 per affiliated wolf (members and leaders count equally)
  • +2 per event thread with 5 members making at least ONE post
  • +2 per raid (in-progress or finished)
  • +1 per thread (with at least 3 posts in total) logged by an affiliate of the house

  • It is the house's responsibility to log activity points during the activity check.