sonder autumn 1710
Sonder is centered around the betrayals and tensions of court intrigue. Based loosely on the Jacobite rebellions in the 1700s, a queen from the Highlands is chased from her throne, launching the crownlands of Rionnach into turmoil. A new king, one from the mainland, currently holds the crown. Though some are loyal, rebels seek to usurp him and reinstate the true king—if there’s such a thing at all.

This is a mature semi-realistic wolf roleplay focusing on political turmoil. We run on liquid time and 1 Year IC = 48 Weeks OOC. There is a soft 150-200 word minimum. Year 1 (OOC) = Year 1707 (IC)

You are not currently limited on characters but only 3 may be outlanders. Your first 2 characters can be brought in right away. We suggest waiting 2 weeks before bringing in another character after that.

OOC accounts are required and all character accounts should be linked to your OOC account.

Avatar size: 250x300 px , Max Table Width: 600 px

Users are given the freedom to update almost every aspect of their own profiles. You'll be adding your own achievements, updating ranks, and taking care of other responsibilities of that nature. This freedom comes with the trust that each user will update honestly.

Hint: Everything in Joining is necessary to read because it will give you a sense of whether this site is right for you. Mechanics are something you can peruse at your leisure and reference when it's relevant. Lore is helpful for character creation and diving into the world.

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