sonder autumn 1710

Diverse and unique, outlanders have no unified culture.

A general wariness of strangers often leads Outlanders into the Thieves' Guild. However, many are still able to make an honest living.

When Outlanders have an opinion, they span the whole spectrum.

Outlanders are foreigners to Rionnach that have come for one reason or another. Some are travelers eager to explore the world, others are escaping tragedy. A handful wish to settle here for the protection that the crownlands offer. Though the road to citizenship is full of twists and trials, many who are ardent and dedicated will be able to build fruitful lives here. That said, not all are friendly to strangers.

Both Jacobites and Royalists are willing to accept any support, be it from a native of Rionnach or a foreigner. An honest heart and a friendly face is worth more than petty phobias in this day and age.

It is important to note that early Outlanders found the most success with entering the black market. It was due to their membership in the Thieves' Guild that the reputation for all Outlanders began to sour. That said, many a Highlander and Mainlander has found an ardent friend in a wayward transplant that has set down roots here.

Nonetheless, outsiders bring a necessary perspective to Rionnach. They can help pave a path to peace and prosperity insofar as they join this game of thrones.

Common Features
None, they're anything they want to be.