sonder summer 1710

Maintain King Adamh's Reign for he is the true king
Oust King Adamh and annoint the exiled Prince Jacob
Listen to the voices of the people and bring about democracy

Order • Scientific Discovery • Parliamentary-Monarchy with socialistic programs

Supporters of the Royalists acknowledge that order is difficult to achieve and that destroying the system to build a better one will often harm those that you’re trying to protect. All dreams and governmental systems stand upon the broken backs of the poor no matter how much you try to claim otherwise. As such, royalists are adherent to the laws of Rionnach and push for change within the existent system.

  • They want to bolster economic participation from the Highlanders (as well as reduce useless superstitions in the country) and truly march toward unification. This would help reduce wealth disparities across the country
  • They want to invest in the Imperial Army and College and continue to offer healthcare and medical services for free
  • They appreciate King Adamh and his love of the arts, often valuing the royal family and the symbol of love and warmth that they are. While Queen Aileen projected more strength, they wish to move away from the time of rebellions and suffering and instead find stability.

  • Freedom • Parliamentary Overhaul • Parliamentary-Monarchy but with more power to the Mayors and Clan Chiefs

    Supporters of the Jacobites believe that the throne was stolen from Queen Aileen and her son, Prince Jacob, the rightful heir. They see the existent parliament as the problem more so than Adamh and believe (rightfully so) that parliament used Aileen’s divorce to oust her and install a more gullible, impressionable King. Now, there are no Highlander voices in court despite this being one of the tenants of the original unification contract.

  • Prince Jacob wishes to bring Highlander customs back to Rionnach so that his people cease to be treated like “overly-superstitious wildlings that need to be reformed”.
  • Jacob wishes to focus on promoting religious freedom, marital freedom (abolishing the law against divorce), as well as adjusting required taxes to the crown.
  • Jacob believes that finances should be managed by smaller leaders (such as by the Mayors or Clan Chieftains) and that it’s the responsibility of those elected to pay what is due to sustain the country army. Medical care and education would also be the responsibility of each town, giving more power to the people to have a system that works for them in their communities.

  • Representation • Equality • ???

    Members of the Voxi don’t necessarily hate King Adamh or Prince Jacob, but they acknowledge that having the country be (at least partially) at the whim of a King or Queen born of royal blood is imprudent at best. Voice promotes equality and unification of a different king, a governmental system where all voices are heard equally. There is one criticism that the visionaries must face, however: what, pray tell, will this new government look like? Because no one can agree, the Voxi party is often viewed as the most radical and the most chaotic. Voice attempts to assure her supporters that if they all work together with kindness and warmth in mind, they will find the perfect system.

  • Voice wishes to abolish the monarchy and restructure the parliament to feature representation from each of the three main regions (mainland, highland, lowland).
  • Voice intends to put a limit on the amount of wealth that can be accrued by an individual so that education can be free as well
  • The rest is lost in the sea of voices that the Voxi represent, but perhaps some level of institutionalized voting can help steer the Voxi toward a more definitive proposal of this new government.

  • Manipulating Court
    Three years worth of site-wide plot content has already been created and, like a tree, it has multiple branches and endings. The relative power of each party will shape the story, determining who will sit upon the throne and reign as the monarch of Rionnach—if one should reign at all.

    Each season, prompts will be released. These are suggested threads for your character to complete. Examples include patrolling the highland and helping natives, or healing lepers that the crown is too busy to aid. That said, so long as your thread is furthering the beliefs of a specific party, you can count any thread.

    Political parties are not set in stone nor are they compulsory. Participate as you see fit and feel free to change sides. Inadvertently sabotage your character's own party or change affiliation after uncovering an unsettling realization—it's all up to you.

    How to earn points for your side
    1. Click on your guild's icon on the main page. A window will pop up with the current events affecting your guild as well as some optional prompts.

    2. Either participate in an event (if one is listed), make a thread that addresses a suggested prompt, or make a thread of your own!

    3. Once the thread finishes and each character has exited, you can log the thread HERE following the instructions.

    4. At the end of the chapter (the term we use for each installment in the SWP), the completed threads from each side will be tallied and the side with the most points wins! The next chapter will further the winning party's political goals while the losing parties will struggle.

    1. "I have characters in different guilds and with different political affiliations. Can I do prompts for them all?" - Yes! You can fulfill as many prompts as you want with whoever you want. Users are not asked to choose or limit their creativity.

    2. "I want my character to accidentally help the other side, is that okay?" - Yup! Political parties are fluid and sometimes we make mistakes and accidentally further the goals of our opponents. Your character can complete a prompt for any political party, just be sure to log it in the correct place.

    3. "Do threads need to be complete?" - Nope! Just have enough so that the intention of the thread is clear (and please intend to finish it at some point!)
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