sonder summer 1710
Please be nice. Respect one another and the fact that everyone writes a little differently and has a different culture. We're all unique, for better or for worse, and that's part of the beauty of a writing site.

All members must be aged 18 years or older. Mature content must be marked with an M prefix. Sexually explicit scenes (including heavy petting, graphic innuendo, explicit reference of genitalia) must always fade to black. Pedophilia and incest plots of any kind are banned.

Theft is treated extremely seriously. Do not steal code, artwork, character content from media or peers, etc. If something inspires you, check in with the creator and see if they're okay with influencing your work.

Dilapidated castles are the only human artifacts lingering in living memory. As far as your characters know, humans have never existed and they have no concept of what they are. Additionally, there are no human items such as necklaces, armor, or weapons.

Please do not abuse any loopholes that you may find. Doing so will result in your requests being denied and you walking the plank.

NPC use is allowed in a very minimal capacity. You may nod to guards and notice citizens milling about. Important plot content, such as finding a mate or having children, must be with other users.

Inactive characters are considered offscreen. This means that they may be in the periphery of the storyline just watering their plants and going about their business. Though they may not play an active role in plots, they do not have to disappear. Be sure to work out offscreen details with your roleplay partners.

Threads are not unarchived. That said, you may write in archived threads for all eternity. The site automatically closes threads that it archives, but users have the power to open their own threads! Just have the person that made the thread look to the right of the title and there should be an "open" button. Similarly, if you want to close a thread prematurely, feel free to do so.