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RE: The Show Goes On. - Rhiannon - 09-12-2021


As the stranger straggled back to the shore, he asked, "How do you expect me to answer that?" The pewter she-wolf had not expected an answer -- not an honest one, anyway. The male claimed to be learning his new life as… whatever he was supposed to be.

"Is it to much for a thief to change his heart?" At this, Rhiannon was quiet for a beat or two, sparing a swift glance over her shoulder to make certain that Juniper was alright. The young fae looked frightened, and the elder of the two looked back to the brute.

”Sometimes,” she mused aloud, the fury less harsh on her feminine features as she considered, ”One does what one must to survive. Can a thief who takes to feeds his family really be considered criminal? Or is it the thief who takes all their lives, their well-being, to call himself their king?” Here, Rhiannon fell silent as she regarded the ivory beast with lingering suspicion.

”We all have a tragic story to tell, and I hope you will spare us your own.” Her lips twisted into something like a smile. ”I know what it is like to be without, and if want is the true origin of your alleged crimes, then…” Her shoulders raised in a shrug. ”It is not my place to judge another’s attempts at survival as bad or good.”

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RE: The Show Goes On. - Juniper - 09-18-2021


t was fascinating, listening to her sister talk. Rhiannon was a smart one, that was for sure, and Juniper wished she would one day be like her—clever and strong, brave and wise. She glanced up at Rhiannon, lingering on every word she spoke. Perhaps one day, she would shed her own shyness and reluctance, able to conjure such philosophy.

But, for now, she was as timid as ever, the anxiety the result of her tragic history. She licked her lips in uncertainty. While the stranger didn’t seem like any danger—and Rhiannon seemed to relax as well, if only a little—Juniper would take no chances. He was subdued for now, at any rate.

Juniper waited for the brief moment where she and Rhiannon made eye contact. “It’s time to go,” her glance said. “I don’t want to stay here any longer.” She then turned away, hoping that this male would not follow them. He could stay here and mind his own business, and Juniper would mind hers.

Exit Juniper.


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RE: The Show Goes On. - Rhiannon - 09-19-2021


nce the words had been spoken, it mattered little to Rhiannon whether or not they had been heard by anyone present but little Juniper. The silver-hued wolfess decided then that there was no lecture needed following this encounter, that Juniper’s unfortunate encounter would be lesson enough without having to utter another word of warning. With a curt nod toward the younger of the feminine pair, Rhiannon would lead the way, but she would be careful to walk at the pace of her sister. She knew the girl well enough to know that Juniper was likely to be scared half to death by now -- whether this translated into a running gait or a slow, thoughtful crawl, Rhiannon did not know.

This was, in at least Rhiannon’s lifetime, one of many experiences with a male that left a bad taste in one’s mouth, a stark reminder that the opposite sex was not to be trusted. Purple eyes flicked backward over her shoulder as she looked once more to make certain that no one would be following them that day, and her tail lashed behind the femme in silent disdain. As they left the scene behind, the enchantress said a silent prayer of gratitude to Brigid, a bright goddess of life, for her protection that day.

/exit Rhiannon


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