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Do You Hear The People Sing? - Sorcha - 08-25-2021

A number of couriers had brought word of the Winter Banquet to the Highlanders. Spreading out to each city to inform the locals that King Adamh was holding a great feast for the citizens of Rionnach, to unite the north and the south during the hardest months of the year. Some cities were beginning to sway in Adamh’s favour, saying that maybe this was what was needed after all the bloodshed, a chance to reconnect and heal.

The devout Jacobites would curse Adamh’s name and slam their doors in the face of those asking for donations to support the crown. Like hell would they support such an absurd notion.

Sorcha had received word of a protest being held in Inverness - it was the Highlands melting pot and where the Voxi may have the most impact of imparting Voice’s message to wolves from all walks of life. Similar efforts were being held in Melrose, considered the heart of the movement despite Voice’s whereabouts being unknown to her followers. A time and a meeting place was passed on, and Sorcha gave her word that she would be there.

Inverness was busy today. Another market; one she would be selling at, if not for her current duties. She weaved her way through the twisting streets, finding an unremarkable alleyway with few traders. A woman, with a stall of fish caught from the River Ness was surrounded by a small group, talking in hushed voices. The woman met her gaze, and tilted her head, as if waiting to see what Sorcha would do.

“Do you hear the people sing?” Sorcha spoke as she approached the group of wolves - a common Voxi identifier. If they were her people, they would respond in turn; “Is there a world you long to see?"

"someone speaking"

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Xandria - 08-25-2021

Tensions were running high since King Adamh’s announcement. While he was growing in popularity there was resentment swelling in the masses and the Jacobites were happy to crow about how things would be much better under the rightful king’s rule. But what about the rest of them? The ones who were tired of kings and queens pulling at their strings like puppets. Xandria had once been a Royalist, only too eager to spill her own blood in the name of the king and put down the rebels who dared to rise against him. She wasn’t so naïve anymore. She saw how war made the people suffer while kings had a pissing contest. The Voice appealed to her sense of justice and duty. As a soldier she could protect those who might otherwise be ignored by her Royalist comrades.

She patrolled the highlands, all too aware of how her mainlander origins and role within the army might earn her cautious stares. Some weren’t too fond of soldiers and blamed them almost as much as the king for his decisions. Her ears pricked when she heard a familiar saying spoken unexpectedly and found herself answering with a half smirk. "Is there a world you long to see?" she asked, golden eyes eying the highlander woman with interest. If she intended to make some noise about the feast then Xandria would not stop her. She would offer protection if anyone got too rowdy and help maintain some order so the woman could relay her message to the crowd without being heckled.

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Maui - 08-27-2021

mephisto & sea

She's not used to meetings like these. She stands across one side of River Ness to the other. There is a small gathering. Through the whispers of the Voice trickling through smaller groups of wolves, Maui had heard it. Coworkers that she knew very little of, passing whispers near the docks where they dropped their collections off after work. 'A protest... Inverness...' She's heard her words through their slacked jaws. The rushing waters among the river splash at her rock-washed pelt. She'd spent most of the day at her run-of-the-mill job, debating if she should show up to this. But the cause, it whispered to her when she couldn't sleep and caught her brain in long, hot days in the ocean. They weren't supposed to live like this. Every voice was equal. She turned her nose away from what would be the only exit and towards the river. No matter how the river's thrashing waters would sway her - it was nothing like the ocean. Maui wadded into the lower parts, working her muscular legs through the shifting waters. The current was strong, but she'd been training since birth to overcome any tides that might sway her. The stench of salt clung to her pelt. The fermented berries and smell of the Tavern would have to wait, justice just seemed to come first. Even from a scoundrel pirate.

She emerged from River Ness, far from the group that she had once seen from across, giving a good shake or two. Water flung off her in droplets before she padded her way towards the gathering. She slipped between strangers before arriving at the same gate that everyone was. One of her ears flicks towards the mantra of the Voxis. A common way for them to know that they were safe in the arms of brothers, sisters, and any wolf that longed to join the equals. In reponse, she murmurs, "Is there a world you long to see?" She entered, dark eyes peering to the two women that stood in front of her. As if she had come out of nowhere, but assumedly the ocean from the scent of her pelt. She does not murmur another word, waiting for her time to introduce herself, but for the first time in a while, not bursting in with the vigor she wears at night. She was composed, all for the right of a better life.

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Nimue - 08-31-2021


fter having performed for the King, Nimue found herself fascinated by the capital and its political undertone. She had known her father and his family to be Royalists, though her mother simply had no care for it all. Nim could say she truly hadn't either...but there was an interesting hum in the air recently.

Voice...Voxi... She was intrigued by the sound of these terms, trying to discern their meaning in the hushed whispers. There was a word she did understand, however. Protest... That immediately had her attention and it led her here, to Iverness. The tall, lithe figure moved gracefully between stalls throughout the market, keeping to herself as she remained alert to the sound of two very particular phrases she'd come to discover.

Then she heard it as she was padding carefully by a small congregated group of wolves. Her pawsteps slowed and she halted just next to them, turning to gaze upon three very different looking women. Storm blue orbs studied each of their forms and faces, imprinting so that she might call them familiar if she ever find them elsewhere. Nimue moved herself closer if only to make herself known and to provide an answer to the call as well, "Is there a world you long to see?" She looked between the trio then dipped her head politely. "Ladies..."

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Sorcha - 09-03-2021

A chorus of quiet replies met her, all repeating the same statement and Sorcha felt her smile widen as she met the gaze of her fellow Voxi, a small assortment of very different looking women. But that was the wonder of Voice’s teaching - it spoke to wolves from all over the country. The presence of an army wolf in particular had shocked her - had their protest ended before it even had a chance to begin? But the woman’s eyes met hers and with a slight smirk confirmed her alliance. Sorcha returned her grin, a weight lifting from her shoulders. If those who had been raised to believe wholly in the monarchy were starting to see it’s flaws, that meant that change was possible, for all of Rionnach.

“Hello, sisters. My name is Sorcha. I trust we are all here for the same reason?” Peridot eyes met that of amber and twin sapphires. Her grin soon fell as her words took a sober note. “The King believes this is prime time for a celebration whilst the poorest of Rionnach will suffer through the winter.” Many would not make it. She thought of the shadowy boy she had met in Edinburgh. Had her brief hunting lesson been enough to ensure his survival? “The rich will hide in their castle with all the food in the world as children starve on the streets. This is wrong. We need to make a change.”

She looked briefly over her shoulder, where wolves continued to enjoy the market, unaware of the four hidden down the alleyway. That was about to change. She turned back to the group, grinning. “We will serve as her Voice. We will be the change.”

"If the accident will."

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Xandria - 09-05-2021

The young lieutenant was taking a great risk by allying herself with those who spoke against the king, but she had been silent for too long. War had opened up her eyes and she saw how the people suffered while the king feasted. It wasn’t just the common folk who struggled under the influence of nobility. Her own family were pawns to be used for political gain. It was too late to stop her mother’s marriage, but if the balance of power shifted away from rival kings and was given to the people she hoped it would weaken her grandmother’s influence.

Golden eyes took in each of the faces as they arrived and announced their affiliation with the chosen passphrase of the Voxi. They were strangers with a common goal, all from various corners of Rionnach. Xandria was naturally cautious of them, knowing how much she had to lose if word got out about her treasonous beliefs. She was careful who she revealed her thoughts to and even strangers who shared her ideals had to be regarded with suspicion. The woman who gathered them introduced herself as Sorcha and began her speech with gusto. Xandria had shared those same feelings and thoughts at one point or another. It was strangely refreshing to hear them aloud.

”We can all do our part to protect people and look out for those suffering silently,” she remarked, knowing that each of them would do more than act as a voice. They could be a hand reaching out with hope. It ruffled her a little when the rich were spoken of as cowards with bounties of food. She knew she would not go hungry this winter, but neither would she be hiding in the castle. Still Sorcha did not know Xandria, nor did she know her family.

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Maui - 09-05-2021

mephisto & sea

The river rushed behind them, a soft mist spraying over the sides of its container. A perfect cover for whispering women among the boundless plains. The Voice, it'd brought the four of them together. They stood together, women of various guilds and different origins. Their voices sang in contrasting voices of Rionnach, and then there was her; an outlander. Her accent is heavy, tainted by generations of the sea. The thief glanced at the newest member that had joined the small group and then, briefly, glanced behind her to make sure that no one else would slip in between the cracks. Even though there is an Army member here, she too aches for protecting the people. Those that believe in what she also does. Maybe she is just as bad as the King, in this way, but she ignores the nagging feeling in the pit of her stomach. Though all people are equal, some, like the King, would never fit. There had to be necessary evils. Finally, the head of them speaks, Maui's gaze found its way back to her, staring at the smallest one of them all, but the one with the loudest voice; the bravest. The pirate's head lifted to the question, 'I trust we are all here for the same reason?' And followed with a nod. She does not glance much from Sorcha's bright words, the plight of a King who wanted to ignore those suffering. A small growl arises in the back of her throat. Not all would be as lucky as those who knew to fend for themselves. Children. Though she is not a motherly sort, she thinks of her brother, skin and bones, and wants to grab the world for him. How can she deny children that had been as they once were? Just that, kids. They shouldn't have to worry about food or death.

'This is wrong. We need to make a change.' A heat wave rolls through her. She is right. Even though she had heard passing words of Voxi's in the Tavern's murmur, and from her coworkers, that had disappeared into the fate of strife. 'We will serve as her voice. We will be the change.' Maui nodded. She is not of many words. The Army member standing beside her, and that entails keeping the part of her life that she favors most, a secret. She looks over at Sorcha, for there is more that she can tell her than the lot of them. As if on cue, the Lieutenant speaks, giving her piece as well. The sea-washed woman nods agreement. "We must make sure that they are looked out for. If you are in the Army, you can allow us some leancy, could you not? Watch for those who might try to arrest us for our.. collective Voice." 'How dedicated are you?' She wanted to ask, but stifles it under the guise of unbiased and devotion to the cause.


RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Nimue - 09-05-2021


imue took in each of their scents subtly and noticed something instantly. One of us is not like the others...interesting... Her eyes glossed over the flame-touched female with the blackened muzzle, studying her from where she stood. If their eyes met, she would allow a small smirk to play on her lips and hold her gaze before slowly turning her head toward the one who had gathered them with the simple phrase.

Taking note of the woman's name, she hung off of every word spoken, silently reflecting on the somber tone she set as an obvious segue into the movement. A stroke of lightning flickered in her eyes, a signal of recognition in reference to these festivities soon to come. Nimue would be in attendance to at least the Winter Ball, she knew, though her original intent was to go for her own personal pleasure. This newfound knowledge of what was happening behind the scenes was disheartening to say the least...

Her frown deepened with the mention of children who were among those to starve as the nobles were wined and dined. Nim couldn't but help scoff at the imagery, shaking her head, her nose wrinkling in mild disgust. Sorcha then provided a glimmer of hope that began with the four of them who were closely gathered. We will be the change. The words echoed in her mind before the other two began to speak their piece, her eyes drifting to each of them before lingering on sea-dipped fae.

Taking in her facial features as she spoke, her comment seeming almost more pointed with the army member. Eventually she followed her line of sight to land on the younger noble once more and she quirked a brow. "Why not play a lookout and perhaps an insider as well? I've procured a ticket to the Ball, so let's say I might need access granted to certain areas that a typical civilian would not find themselves. You'd make good use for that as well, my dear."

Nimue winked at her and looked to the others before relinquishing another idea that stemmed from the original strategy. "We could smuggle some meals out from the castle as well, if given appropriate means to move unhindered through passages less traveled for the evening." She then looked between each of the women, awaiting acknowledgement, desiring to know their opinions on such a proposal.

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Sorcha - 09-08-2021

The three gathered around her, listening intently to her words. Sorcha had never considered herself much of a leader, so having several pairs of eyes on her at once had been a strange, thrilling sensation.

Following her speech, the young lieutenant was the first to speak, much to Sorcha’s surprise. She turned her head, russet ears perked upon her head to give the Southerner her full attention. ”We can all do our part to protect people and look out for those suffering silently,”

A smile pulled at her lips and she dipped her head to the younger wolf. They were all giving each other the benefit of the doubt at the moment, but of all the wolves gathered a mainlander was the hardest to trust. But Sorcha knew she had to allow her the same level of trust as the others. If she knew of any others within her ranks with similar ideals, well, that might turn the tide in their favour.

The sea-salt female spoke, followed quickly by the earthen girl, both choosing to address their new army “friend”.

"Why not play a lookout and perhaps an insider as well? I've procured a ticket to the Ball, so let's say I might need access granted to certain areas that a typical civilian would not find themselves. You'd make good use for that as well, my dear." Not quite finished, blue eyes turned to address the gathering. "We could smuggle some meals out from the castle as well, if given appropriate means to move unhindered through passages less traveled for the evening."

Sorcha tipped her head to the side, thoughtful. “I also have access to the Ball - I’m sure the nobles won’t notice if a few meals go missing.” She admitted, not without some degree of guilt. It was a betrayal of Baelfire’s trust - he had given her the ticket for them to have fun, not for Sorcha to run around stealing food from under wolves’ noses, but surely he would be able to see that she was working for something bigger? Maybe she could convince him to help. “I just fear we do not have the numbers for such an operation.”

She was thankful for the faces before her; clear indicators that Voice had reached each corner of Rionnach. But they needed more. “Until then, we need to spread the word.” It was a reiteration of her initial statement. “I am certain there will be more wolves in attendance who agree with Voice’s message. We just need to find them.”

"If the accident will."

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RE: Do You Hear The People Sing? - Xandria - 09-09-2021

The young Tiamat's golden eyes were drawn to the blue gazes watching her. It wasn't surprising that they guessed she was a soldier, but she'd hoped that she might fly under the radar as a concerned citizen. Xandria's features hardened when they suggested roles for her to play, already viewing her as an asset they could use. If word reached her grandmother of her treason she stood to lose everything, her job, her home and her family. She accepted this risk, attending the gathering. Xandria had to be careful. She couldn't openly display any suspicious behaviour. The Matriarch was likely sore with her already for leaving without her permission. The Lieutenant was not afraid of Ankh Tiamat, but she was wary of her. She had to be smart to play her at her own game.

"I'll do what I can, but I won't take unnecessary risks," she answered Maui, offering no promises. If the woman didn't like it, that was too bad. Xandria didn't care. "I'm not going," she said, looking at Nimue. She had her own reasons for not wanting to be there, but didn't state them. She offered an encouraging nod when Sorcha provided an alternative. It would be satisfying to see the people fed with food from the nobles' own tables even if she could not take part. "I'll see if I can find any friends among the army," Xandria offered, knowing it would be helpful to have more than just a yearling Lieutenant on their side. "Will there be another meeting like this?" she lowered her voice, casting glances over her shoulder paranoid at who might be listening.

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