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New User Guide - claerie - 05-06-2021

New User Guide

To start, read the INTRODUCTION, RULES, and CHARACTER CREATION. If this all passes the vibe check, you can proceed to making your character.

Step 1.

Ensure that you have a natural design (natural markings, natural colors). If you are uncertain, feel free to drop a question in the #help channel in the discord.

Pick your guild, nationality, and rank following the instructions in the guidebook. If you have a question or need inspo, the discord is great for this too!

Step 2.

Go to the user CP (Account, top bar). On the left hand side, click "Edit Profile". Fill out everything. And we mean EVERYTHING. If anything is blank when you look at your profile (which you can do by clicking your name in the top right), then it'll get an "oof" when we go to accept you.

Step 3.

Once everything this filled out and your character is gucci to go, enter the Applications thread, make a new thread titled LAST, FIRST (unless you have no last name, then just FIRST) and fill out the APPLICATION TEMPLATE. A member of staff will approve or nudge you, and once accepted, you're free to play!