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Sinclair, Flynnigan. - Flynnigan - 10-22-2021

OOC Name: kintsugi.
Pronouns: he/him.

Character Name: Flynnigan Sinclair.
Age: Two years of age.
Guild: The Commonwealth.
Nationality: Highlander.

Have you accepted the moon goddess as your lord and savior?: I shall only throw children into the sun, long live Sol, goddess of fire!

RE: Sinclair, Flynnigan. - claerie - 10-23-2021


Looks like something went wrong!

- Sinclair is already taken as surname by Ace Sinclair, so unless Flynnigan is related to him (you can contact Lauren in the discord to ask for a distant relation!) or need a different spelling/slightly abridged family name c:

- Could you add a note that his nose ring is not a part of his appearance here? It can just go in the appearance section <3


RE: Sinclair, Flynnigan. - Flynnigan - 10-23-2021

Ace Sinclair is a distant cousin, it's been added to his profile for clarity, along with the note about his nose ring. <3


RE: Sinclair, Flynnigan. - claerie - 10-23-2021


Lol you're accepted, good job!

> May I interest you in a SWP perhaps? A couple choice prompts for plots? (Click on your guild icon on the main page).

> Might I suggest a crisp, summer discord channel with a side of site lore for your refined palette? Hon hon hon~

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