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Dirt and Wildflowers

He attempted as casual as he could, to move along the shore.

Once upon a time he was limited upon such tragedy. A strong stare out to the distance as he concluded everything. Exactly, what was it? So many more, things had become from below. Including himself. The Lake was beautiful upon this morning a shimmer and shine of the water showing through. Perhaps this is what called him to stare at his reflection for the first time in ages. What if he wanted to to dare prescribe to better? Not a single thing was without fault, but at least he knew better to admit it now. Has he sniffed it along the shoreline he noticed a few otters playing in the sand. Pausing for a second to admire such things, a small secret smile that he dare allowed himself. A slow and steady beat of a heart yet withered.

There was no pity to cling to with his soul. He is well aware of what he had done. However he could not help admire the secret beauty that came with this place. And perhaps for once a softening. The old him would have resisted would have torn himself to shreds to even be here. At odds for monstrosity toexist in such peace And now? Well , guess they would see. It was just a little after Dawn, the very first piece of sunshine showing through. A slow sandblance of mist, that he couldn't help but appreciate. The smoothness of the sand felt good upon his paws, and he couldn't remember a time that he felt more appreciative. Unable to grasp what it took so long to be aware, but at least he was here at least he was now.

And with this in mind he decided to wade about upon the water. It didn't take long for him to catch a couple fish lurking within the depths. Tossing them up on the shore, a casual yawn feeling good within the depths. The smell of fish was sure to attract some others, but he wasn't really worried about at this point. Loneliness was his only friend after all. As he emerged he offered a glance around, almost wishful. Before diving back, into the depths of the abyss.

He was not asking for redemption, he was far beyond that.

But to be able to finally learn how to make peace with his environment, now that was a constant state of mind.


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