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As the stranger straggled back to the shore, he asked, "How do you expect me to answer that?" The pewter she-wolf had not expected an answer -- not an honest one, anyway. The male claimed to be learning his new life as… whatever he was supposed to be.

"Is it to much for a thief to change his heart?" At this, Rhiannon was quiet for a beat or two, sparing a swift glance over her shoulder to make certain that Juniper was alright. The young fae looked frightened, and the elder of the two looked back to the brute.

”Sometimes,” she mused aloud, the fury less harsh on her feminine features as she considered, ”One does what one must to survive. Can a thief who takes to feeds his family really be considered criminal? Or is it the thief who takes all their lives, their well-being, to call himself their king?” Here, Rhiannon fell silent as she regarded the ivory beast with lingering suspicion.

”We all have a tragic story to tell, and I hope you will spare us your own.” Her lips twisted into something like a smile. ”I know what it is like to be without, and if want is the true origin of your alleged crimes, then…” Her shoulders raised in a shrug. ”It is not my place to judge another’s attempts at survival as bad or good.”

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