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"I'm not too worried about it." Oh a similar sarcasm gleaned a small scoff from the Pirate's icy jaws. "Well perhaps you should be." His naivety would be the better of him, many young men feel victim to their high flowing testosterone and ego's. Not enough of them paid attention to the warnings, or details.

But alas, he hoped that it would not be his problem.

And there, he found a weakness within the boy's cracked façade, rage. Unholy, unbridled. Akin to a wildfire it would surely seep through him, cloud his mind, grind his jaws. Indeed, Miss Detherage had that effect on others... he would not admit that he too, one feel prey to her allure.

"Who do you think I am, huh? Her pimp? Don't fuckin' say her name out here." A chuckle, one deep as thunder rasped from his scarred maw. "Why ever not, lad? We both know your Mother can hold her own." He offered, amusement dancing within his icy eyes. Of course, this was but a mask, hiding behind indifferent humour, no, deep within, his stomach turned to lead. A sickness grasped him, an affliction he wished he never knew. Perhaps it was paranoia and lack of sleep effecting him... but he could not deny the similarities. Not only in looks, but temperament, too.

"Think tellin' her son about your one night to pound town is going to end well for you?" And indeed, there it was; the information he wanted, that confirmed his suspicions and caused dread to turn, it wrought havoc upon his icy expression. "So it is true?" Oh the sickness grew, threatening to spill from his maw. His legs felt weak, threatening to buckle from under him.

Perhaps there had been other men.

But no, there was no denying the similarities here, the same shade of onyx, the same markings that matched his own and eyes that held an icy shade of Amelia's emerald green...

He could not find the right words. He could not truly fathom that standing before him was his own flesh and blood-his. A boy that he should have raised. Raised a decent way and not cowering in some hovel."How... old are you?" He finally managed to spit out, amidst the chaos that wrought within.

"And I am sorry," He offered. "Truly... son."

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