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Rumors are tidbits of gossip that spread through Rionnach like wildfire and can help plots to spiral, spark, and set ablaze for our reading pleasure.

1. You may post a rumor if you are participating in a thread that reaches 7 posts or more.

2. You may post a rumor if you send a letter to another wolf (IE: Rookery) about the events in a thread.

Type out the rumor and then provide a link to the thread!

Ankh, the Tiamat matriarch, has passed away leaving Nassar as the leader of the family. Will she be strong enough to step into her mother's shoes?
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Nimue and Arythmetik were overheard in an alcove of the College, speaking in hushed whispers about being in love.
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12-28-2022, 09:08 PM


The eldest Lord Vanadium, Monarch, is noticed lingering around a young woman of no noble breeding—she may be pregnant with his bastard child
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01-07-2023, 02:42 PM

Elias Vanadium is missing. The last time the young lord was seen he was having a heated argument with his maid Roisin Samaire in Tir Na Nog. She has since returned home to Perth and suspicions are rising. Did Roisin Samaire make Elias 'disappear'?
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Professor Arythmetik and Grigori Hardin tied the knot!
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04-28-2023, 06:20 PM

Savard and Bastien appeared bloody and beaten in the Drunken Seagull and appear to be discussing business. What might these two Guilders be up to?

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