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Corvid Guidelines + FAQ



Corvids are common to Rionnach and most are wild, often only interacting with wolves when bones are left to be picked clean. Some, however, are trained to deliver messages.

Although they do not understand the meaning behind the words they are repeating, they are able to memorize and regurgitate messages. They can be difficult to train for those unused to the technique, but bird trainers in Ayr have mastered the art.


Corvids are trained to:

1. Fly to roosts in cities
2. Repeat a name.
  The wolf that feeds the bird a specific treat is assumed to be the intended recipient and, after finishing its reward, will relay the message.
3. Relay the message
4. Fly home

There are two types of trained corvids: common and personal. Common birds are usable by anyone and the service is free as a part of Rionnach citizenship. The caveat is that the corvids only go to public roosts and correspondence is less discrete.

Private birds are purchased or personally trained. If carefully trained, they can find public roosts and/or be taught additional places that are private for message receiving/sending. Correspondence is more discrete. To have a personal bird, you must purchase it from the market.

Whenever a bird arrives at a public roost, it will squawk the name of the intended recipient. Young acolytes working at the roosts (members of the Commonwealth) will search for the citizen and bring them back to the roost. The recipient and bird will be taken to a private room where the message will be relayed. Homebrew systems exist for private birds and personalized roosts.


1. Corvids are not familiars. They do not understand wolf languages, share moods, or commune with the wolf that owns them or the caretakers at the roosts. At most, they are the equivalent of pets.

2. Messages cannot be stolen. Though this may detract from some realism, there is no mechanism on Sonder for your messages to be intercepted without your consent. If you wish to plot this, go ahead, but all parties must agree.

3. Corvids should play minimal roles in your posts. Because they are NPCs, all NPC rules apply.

Acceptable Species

crows, ravens, rooks, jackdaws, jays, magpies, and nutcrackers

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Sending Messages

All messages are considered canon, so compose them as your character would. In order to send and receive messages, you will...

1. Make a thread in this board (Correspondance)
2. Write out your message as the main body of the post. No post minimums apply. In fact, your message should not be longer than 3-4 sentences. Corvids can only memorize so much.
3. Tag the recipient in the board/in discord
4. Continue as long as you wish, keeping in mind that it takes ~1-2 weeks to receive a new message

Example Thread:

Post 1 -
"We lost Uncle Everest last week, he came down with consumption and never recovered -Adamh"

@Queen Daphne

Post 2-
"I am so sorry, dearest husband. I will return to the castle at once. -Your love, Daphne"

@King Adamh


1. Can I write out my character sending/receiving a letter instead of just the message?
  You can but it isn't necessary!

2. Can I write about sending/receiving letters outside of this board?
  You can to an extent, but try to keep all correspondence here.

3. Letters can't be stolen, but I want a plot where my character Jane sends letters to Tom, and she thinks Tom is getting them, but this other character Joe is the one actually responding. Can I do this?
  If everyone consents, totally! Joe just can't write in Tom's stead if Jane's user and Tom's user don't agree.

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