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She had never expected the guards to let her down here half as easily as they had, masquerading as nothing more than someone that worked at the college coming here for some aid. Everytime she spoke her own ears grated at how she had to behave to fit into this mortal world, ears twitching as she moved along the stairs to get into the dungeons crawling underneath. A tongue ran over her nose to foreign anxiety, as if such a dim musty dwelling was something that made her oh so uncomfortable in the depths. One of the guards would try to pep talk her, another providing stiff small talk so that the first would hopefully stop talking. That’ show she viewed it anyway as her body language continued to be skittish but her ying-yang eyes flickered curiously from cell to cell with a silent delight.

It wouldn’t be long until they faded and she was no longer their shadow, gaining a semblance of confidence the longer she was free to do as she pleased, feeling no need to fully hide any longer. Her tail would occasionally run along the bars, tempting jaws to snap at her as she grinned from ear to ear with each prisoner that she infuriated without even trying. It was apparent who was down here as criminals versus the ones down here from being prisoners of war for the ones more deserving of this abyss away from life were still whole instead of haggard and bleeding. “Oh me oh my, remember me by,” she trilled when one actually get a little bit of her tail fur where fangs snapped without remorse, ready to ruin her for her playful taunts at their bars.

Ah, there were some war folks as she walked past a set of two then shuffled into reverse, tilting her head back as she grinned at the inhabitants. Another sun, vibrant and holy! It seemed the moon wanted her to find her other half with how many suns had danced into her life as of recently. “Fancy a mend, new friend? You look a little torn and forlorn,” she asked as a guard glanced down the way, making her try to jump into the regular verbiage again. Unfortunately, she was pretty sure she was getting it wrong but close enough.
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