Breeding 101

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Breeding 101

If you are reading this, it is probably breeding season and you're here for a quick tutorial on the ol' razzle dazzle.


  • Be of breeding age - 1st year in winter is the absolute youngest (Human Equivalency of 18-19, age of majority). 8th year in winter is the absolute oldest (Human Equivalency of late 60s).

  • Have 50 posts/litter - Each blushing parent needs 50 posts/litter to breed. So, your character needs 100 posts to have 2 litters on site (you have to earn it if you want to genetically overrun us, you monster).

  • Have IC justification - We won't bombard you with tiny requirements about X number of threads, but please use your best judgment when proving that buns were put into the oven. We want to see some flour on the counter, some chaos in the kitchen, you feel?

  • If you have achieved all of this, please COPY THIS FORM and POST A NEW THREAD IN THIS BOARD


  • 1. Number: Parents choose the # of pups on a scale from 1-3.

  • 2. Appearance: Parents may choose the appearance of the pups in a dark room all by themselves. OR parents give staff a list of acceptable pelt colors, eye colors, sizes, and (optionally) sexes and allow staff to roll. There are NO do-overs with this method, but you do get a whole channel for the rolling and a spotlight on your litter.

  • 3. Keep the babies alive: EACH PUP needs ONE POST from EACH PARENT to DEFINITELY LIVE. If you don't make these threads (called bonding moments, threads in which your newborn noodles are still NPCs), there is a risk of them dying. Please read more information HERE.

  • Comforting Words

    Breeding is naturally stressful and so staff will walk you through the process step by step. In your breeding thread, it will look like this:

    1. Your form

    2. Staff accepting your litter : When you see this, the female is pregnant. Worry about nothing. It will include your due date and the rolling date (if applicable).

    3. Staff posting your puppy stats : When you see this, the rolls are done/you've messaged staff about your babies. Follow the instructions and start bonding moment threads -- You'll have 3 weeks.

    4. Staff posting puppy survival : When you see this, you know how many of your pups made it. Worry about adopting out your pups. They are 1 month of age and are immediately playable after adoption -- You'll have 3 weeks to adopt them out. Pups not adopted by 2 months of age die -- and we'll give you the important dates