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Yearling years old
Juniper and pine, citrus and rosewood


h, no! The stranger had noticed her, and oh my! He was a large one, too! Well, at least compared to Juniper, for she was petite, even for her age. Anxiety gripped her heart, and she licked her lips in a display of nervousness, feeling apologetic for the intrusion already. Perhaps he wanted this moment of solitude and she so carelessly barged in without considering his privacy.

This was something that certain wolves would not be happy about, she thought, and she felt the apprehension of her error. The last thing she wanted to cause was offense to this stranger. Why, she didn’t know what he wanted or what he was even capable of! And if any of Rhiannon’s stories about men had any truth to them, well, Juniper didn’t want anything to do with the male species! No, ma’am!

“I-I’m sorry,” she started, shrinking into an even smaller size to prove that she was of no threat, her paws treading backwards while her eyes remained fixed in front of her—averted, of course. She didn’t want to give him the wrong idea.

“O-oh, I-I couldn’t,” she said, remembering lessons from her sisters about taking offers or food from strangers. “Everything is fine. I’ll b-be on my way. I-I won’t bother you anymore, s-sir.”


art and code by Yahtzee-Penguiduck

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