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uniper was getting older. Each day seemed to bring new changes to the almost-yearling, and Rhiannon was amazed to watch the girl thrive. No longer was she the small, shaking child Rhiannon. She was becoming a fine, intelligent, independent fae. There was still work to do with the girl’s confidence, but even still, she had come a long way. The older wolfess tried to keep this in mind when Juniper was gone for hours at a time. A child needs the chance to explore, to learn lessons on their own, after all. But there was still a tinge of nervousness that coursed through Rhiannon as she waited for Juniper to return to her.

But the unexpectedly long absence that morning gave Rhiannon an uneasy feeling, and she was not a woman who could ignore her intuition. Following the familiar scent, she trailed after the youngest of her Sisters. Little Juni, beloved by all.

She came across the errant youngster in due time, and the sight before her was a nightmare come true: Juni standing alone before a great beast of a brute, with a pale coat, reeking of masculinity. Dark nostrils flared as the reality of the scene set in, and instantly, Rhiannon was in motion the fill the space between the pair and herself.

”Get away from her,” she growled, lips curled back to reveal her ivory canines, just in case the stranger thought she would back down so easily. Her eyes were fixed upon the eyes of the brute, the same color as embers in a wildfire. The smoke-hued wolfess was visibly too young to be the girl’s mother, but she glared at the unknown male with the ferocity of a wolverine protecting her offspring. Violet sights turned from the brute to the golden-hued she-wolf. ”What did he say to you?”

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