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Dirt and Wildflowers

By now, he was used to it.

He felt a brief second of remorse as she shrank away, hesitation within every inch of his soul. He did not blame her, in fact part of him was almost hopeful that she displayed such shyness. History taught, that the more you questioned the more you lost. Another soft inhale, wondering just what lesson he could learn from this. Once he was a stubborn fool, now he didn't want to have a repeat of history.

Out of nowhere emerged another, purple and smoke. At first his heart leaped upward, thinking once nothing at all as he stumbled quickly backwards. Still, he held a slight admiration for her courage. She must be the sister, by looks of it. Respect, if he had family left he might be the same. The old monster from within, undoubtedly would have reacted with great violence. But that was not something he wanted anymore. Was he supposed to praise himself, for such things? Was he supposed to be happy with himself after all this time? A soft swallowing, and that was all.

"Well, excuse me." a sharp little snort, he stumbled back a few feet. He knew how to display threatening behavior, and so it was curious to him that he suddenly did the opposite. Ears and eyes flat, he sunk down a few feet away. "I'm not used to trying to be the good guy." observing them both curiously now he kept a safe distance not trying to face any of them off. A dull and relentless heart beat in his chest. When would this shit ever change? When would he?

Despite his inner turmoil, he couldn't help but hope.


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