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er appearance was unexpected to both parties; the male even staggered in his surprise. She glared as he spoke, though to her surprise, the brute almost appeared submissive. His words, however, did little to reassure the wolfess as she stood, guardian of the almost-yearling girl by her side. Rhiannon had adeptly avoided males throughout her travels, save for a few rare occasions that inevitably always ended unpleasantly for one party or both.

And Juniper, little Juni had scarcely encountered the other sex in her short life. Rhiannon supposed these interactions would happen sooner or later, and she was glad that she followed her intuition to follow the girl here. “H-he offered me fish, i-if I wanted.” Rhiannon scoffed at the offer. Why would a male bother to give meals to a stranger? In her mind, this was bizarre behavior.

“He wasn’t mean or anything. He even said he was sorry for bothering me.” Rhiannon’s suspicious gaze flicked back to the brute. Rather than recoiling, the she-wolf took a step forward. ”He said only moments ago that he is not used to trying to be the good guy.” Slowly, she lowered herself to sit, but her muscles remained tense -- just in case. ”Your words, sir. What does that mean?” A silvery tail swept to one side to rest over Juniper’s dainty paws. Amethyst orbs turned from the brute to the dead fish, then back again. ”From villainy to charity, is it?”

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