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Dunkan Sarcova
Male 4 Lowlander Imperial Army Captain




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The morning was young as Dunkan traveled through the Perth, with just the idea of patrolling. Of making sure nothing was out of place, he just wanted a safe world not only for everyone's sake but especially for his daughter. And for her was that he worked hard, he wanted to give her a good start in life, while she obtained her own job. Being a single father was hard, but he wasn't one to step back just because something is hard. Life was hard, and if someone wasn't up to go on the hard way, then they would perish. He could say that because he came from that, he came from a hard start.

The silence was embracing, but he couldn't trust on the fake peace. His face was cold as the ice, not showing anything as he never showed his emotions. No need for that right? Going further he found a creek and calmly he began to drink a bit.

He though kept an ear to the surroundings, being aware of the hate many had toward the Army, and anything could happen.


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Art by Cullishare

Satchel Mulder
Male 5 Outlander Thieves' Guild Drug trader




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Would he ever really be fine again?

Being a theif variety, he was used to creeping around. A slow steady thump of the his own intentions watching the border. This was break or make shit. A small inhale, trying to wriggle amongst the weeds. How he might have ended up here was perhaps to know and him to find out.

Just as well.

However, as he did his little creep his tail caught up in the rumble. Reached out to free himself, a mess. There was no color left in this place nor up on him. Inside he so empty. He was usually a good thief. Unfortunately, this just happened to be a particularly weird day.

So as he tried to understand himself he kept an eye out, because you could never know what happened right? He wasn't here for anything in particular he just wanted to know what was up. Curiosity killed the cat. And he might be coming to most recent victim. Well, fuck it.

Thank God he wasn't that clumsy. He rolled over immediate .to the other direction ready for everything. His pialenesss contrasting into the dirt. Very fortunately he was a white canvas, so as long as he rolled in the mud and dirt well there it was. Damn it he was just here for the mushrooms man.