Akrasia: Fantasy Canine RP

Non-Conforming Highlander Imperial Army




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High fantasy wolf rp
Relaxed character creation, easy joining
Multiple packs to choose from
Plot Challenges and friendly community
Active Discord

What is Akrasia about?

The land of Kalonia, a continent full of magic and wonder, has undergone a wild transformation. Storms and earthquakes rendered Kalonia completely unrecognizable. If not for the constellations overhead, one might think they were in a whole new world. New Kalonia is a dangerous and unexplored place with new territories to be unveiled and discovered. The wolves of Kalonia have been dropped together in an unforgiving desert and left to survive through their wits and skill or succumb to the dangers of this new world. The packs have been forced to work together to survive, but when cooped up together in such a small area, is peace really possible for long? Many wolves have been turned to stone and these statues of friends and family are scattered across the territories. Can they be saved?

What wonders will the wolves uncover?

Will you embrace the challenges the world throws at you?

Or will you crumble and succumb to Akrasia?