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he shuddered and shivered, her shaking echoing the chill of the storm, even as her toes and tail felt numb, pressed against her body. This was surely the end, one of the final breaths she would draw of her young life—not even a year, and she would meet the cold grasp of the reaper, quivering in its claws.

Juniper was not ready to die, but she did not have much confidence, not much fire or fight in her. She was the calm spring rains, letting the channels and curves of the gentle brooks guide her. She flowed where she was carried, a soft and docile soul who wanted nothing more than an easygoing afternoon, filled with peaceful wonders.

But, even in the pastel, light-drenched dream, she felt a tug at the scruff of her neck. At first, she was alarmed, but Juniper was far to weak to resist, the cold having seeped through her fur and into her flesh. She realized she was being carried, and when the faint scent of her friend, Willow, fluttered to her senses as she entered the burrow, she felt much better.

“T-thank you,” she said to her rescuer, a strong male. Perhaps she would have been more frightened, but it was clear that he had done her a great service. She felt tired and cold, but now that she was surrounded by her fellow wolves, both of which were of a gentle nature, she could let the weariness of the day drown away. “I-I’m okay,” she said to her friend, pressing their bodies as close together as possible. “A-are y-you? I’m just s-so cold and t-tired…”

But she would be fine. They would survive, and their friendship would most certainly last the blizzard.

[Juniper exits into sleep.]

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"They're -- they're back home. I'm from the lowlands."

He breathed a sigh of relief and nodded. "I'm from the lowlands too. My name is Baelfire." he said, hoping that by relating to her she might feel more at ease. "Your mother is Nephele? Right? I can help you home in the morning after the storm has passed. I'm sure she's worried sick."

He watched her then as she moved closer to Juniper, trying to coax her away. She finally roused herself enough for a thanks, which he only nodded his head at, and to move closer to her friend for comfort. He remained where he was, his gaze now turning towards the entryway where he could see the snow slowly piling up as the storm enclosed them in their little haven. It would pass and when they finally dug themselves out the sun would be shining on them. He was confident that they would all be alright. Baelfire shivered and rested his head on his paws, eyes slowly drooping as the adrenaline left him and he began to realize how exhausted he was. "In the morning we'll get you both home..." he murmured before drifting off himself.

In the morning... it would all be over and everything would be fine again.


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aelfire. Despite her weariness and confused mind, Willow worked especially hard to commit her savior’s name to memory, repairing it in her thoughts over and over again so that she would never forget. Baelfire. He was from the Lowlands, too, which made it seem especially improbable that he would find the two lost girls in the blizzard. Baelfire. Willow was intimately aware of how fortunate she was in that moment, and as she looked upon the grown-up with pure white snow and sparkling eyes, she gave an unconscious sigh. Baelfire. Hero.

Her whole body was tired in a way never before experienced, and what little energy Willow had left, she gave in an attempt to warm her half-frozen little friend, whom she had almost lost on the very same day as being found. ”I’m okay, too. I-I’m glad you're okay,” she murmured, though the quiet tones of her voice did not do justice to the great relief she felt within her to see Juniper safe and sound. She nestled her face against the cold but drying fur of Juniper’s neck, and she quietly began to hum a gentle song, a lullaby her mothers had sung to her when she was still a very little pup. Soon, all three of the wolves would drift to sleep, where Willow would dream of her newly acquired hero and her newly discovered best friend. Happy. Safe.


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