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the stranger you are

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It was odd for someone to be so kind to him without wanting something in exchange. Colburn hesitated when she gave the entire rabbit to him. Black eyes darted from the rabbit and back to her again, waiting for a trick that was being played to reveal itself. He could see nothing, but sincerity in her green eyes and that was hard for him to understand. His muzzle wrinkled in bemusement and he nodded, slowly pulling the rabbit closer and looking back at her. Nope it didn’t seem like she’d changed her mind.

"Nice," he hummed happily, licking his lips at the thought of having an entire rabbit to himself. It was more than he’d managed to steal since spring and even that had taken a lot of work. Hours of hiding and running away from the hunters he’d stolen from. The small thief made a silent promise not to steal from Sorcha, not even if she had the juiciest piece of meat and he was starving. She had done right by him and while he was not the most trusting of wolves he believed that Sorcha had earned some.

He flashed her a warm smile. It was his silent way of showing that he appreciated what she’d done for him even though he didn’t know how to say it. "See yah, Sorcha," he bade her goodbye, grabbing his rabbit by the scruff and heading off back home to the redwoods.

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