[ P ] Little Lady

Caspian Seafarer
Male 2 Highlander Commonwealth Fisherman




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You Run Through The Rain Just For A Taste

One moment, she was there.
The next, she was gone.

All sodden fur and chattering teeth and big green eyes disappeared. With surprising speed, she made her exit. Click click click, the stacatto of her nails against the stone was all he was left with.

Caspian blinked. He found himself staring at the spot where he had last seen her, frozen in time from shock. Then, with a small shake of his head, he pulled himself out of the water and shivered. Yikes, it is cold out here. He really had done her a disservice by dragging her in.

He felt another pang of guilt as he shook himself free of the excess water. Oddly, it was a lesson well learned. Had she yelled at him, he might not have taken it to heart. Alas, her kindness and surprisingly lack of blame had forced a little thoughtfulness on him. Caspian couldn't say that he loved the feeling but... oh well.

- exit Caspian -

"We are all young and naive still."
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