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Dirt and Wildflowers

And yet here he was.

Who was this thing staring back. A cool and steady breeze,the last time he ended up on beach. Well, that was no one's business. A steady stalking upon waves unknown, A soft smile as he contemplated what just was beyond on the horizon. A slow stretch, a rather persistent lullaby.

Perhaps, this was it.

The very last time that he crawled across the beach...

Well that wasn't a particular exemplary example. Instead it was rather nice out today, overcast with a light sprinkle. Just enough to draw him close. As he approached the shoreline, for a moment he cashed a careful glance around. He almost stepped on them at first, tiny green things popping up from the Earth. A slight halt from his system, and then he knew.

Slowly nuzzling the babies upon the shore, the turtles were here. One so tiny, with her magnificent little flippers. Each individual grain of sand stood out like a jewel. Encouraging enough as he could, he kept a careful watch out for the babies. Standing his ground, a wishful expression upon him. If only, if only.


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