[ AW ] Lead your love away

Aegir Nygard
Male 4 Highlander Commonwealth Diplomat




I'll be good

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And tell me some things last

The wind was like music. It whistled as it skated across the surface of the frozen lake, soft and pleasant. Aegir made his way across the ice, his eyes fixed on the reflection staring back at him. He'd never seen himself in such perfect detail before. Truth be told, it was a bit unsettling. He'd never known his eyes to be such a piercing shade of blue.

How this lake reflected things so clearly, he had no idea. But as he finally lifted his eyes, he couldn't help but be dazzled by the sight before him. Every inch of sky, every cloud, every flitting bird—everything was doubled beneath his feet. He couldn't believe he'd never been this far south before.


Grief was a blade between his ribs, forcing him to pause and catch his breath. He had to press onward. There was nothing else to do. He refused to sit idly by and let this war continue. Too much blood had already been spilled.

Shaking away the thoughts, Aegir marched on across the ice.

It would be a long, exhausting journey—both physically and emotionally. But he would make the most of it. He would explore all that the mainlands had to offer, and learn as much as he could about the wolves who called them home.

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