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posted 09-15-2021, 02:40 AM - Word count:
Since there are a few little groups established within the factions, it got me thinking about how the groups could have a little sub-board that they would have to discover and proclaim icly? It would be designated as their own space. I.e; Kvothe’s reserve regiment could have a small base of operations within Castle Stuart? Or Leviathan’s Pirate gang could literally be held up in a washed up ship?

- Gives groups a little space of their own.
- A fun way of discovering and having “group threads.”
- More incentives for character-made plots within the factions.

-Battle for space, could lead to some drama OOCly depending.
- Would have to create a sub-board.

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posted 09-17-2021, 06:38 PM - Word count:
Hi Raven! Thanks for the suggestion and for christening the board! ♥

After some deliberation, we’ve opted to not make claimable lands. Groups don’t have requirements to be made and we don’t want to risk souring the community with IC/OOC fighting over resources that won’t really impact gameplay.

What you can do is pick a land where the pirates are based and still write threads in their hideout! No sunken ships or changing what’s already in a land, but feel free to find some caves or a nice slab of beach anywhere where these landforms are mentioned :hearts: bean is also working on a new template for groups to help legitimize them!