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As everyone gathered to watch the two wed, Baelfire could only focus on Sorcha. He watched her with awe and adoration in his single green eye, even as their sons marched down the isle carrying the two shining white stones and their daughter pranced shortly after tossing the petals of flowers she'd picked just for the occasion. As Iona led Sorcha to him, his heart felt... good. It was so very full, almost like it might burst, but he didn't mind. It was the good kind of full, the kind that made you feel whole and warm. He almost started crying as tears beaded in his eyes, but he withheld, too embarassed to shed a tear in front of his friends and family.

They'd faced one another with all three of their children standing on Sorcha's side, alongside their loving grandmother, and Alexei to his side. His best friend, and best man.

They'd said their vows...

They'd said "I do"...

And just like that, they were married. He was her husband and she was his wife, forever. Their differences no longer mattered because they'd built a life together that was more important and come whatever may, Baelfire knew he'd be there for her and she'd be there for him. They'd take care of one another, and their little family, till the end.


With the ceremony over, the guests were free to mingle and Baelfire placed a kiss on his wife's cheek. "What should we do first, wife?" he asked, his brow wagging playfully.

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Sorcha Kinnaird
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Her nerves had been rattling in her chest all morning as Iona flitted about her, ensuring that everything was in order. Midsummer had arrived so quickly, and with it the wedding. Her wedding. To Baelfire. The words still brought colour to her cheeks though they flowed so naturally from her tongue.

She was glad for her mother’s presence. Iona had reassured her with tales of her own wedding many years ago, to the loud, boisterous son of the Kinnaird clan. The boy who she had rejected on numerous occasions, her work too important, but he would never quite let up. “I’m glad he kept at it,” Iona said with a laugh and a sad smile, which Sorcha returned. The absence of Fearghus and Shaw was keenly felt by the matriarch and daughter, but they would not dwell on sad memories. Iona had cultivated a small patch of forget-me-knots which she had woven into small headpieces, for the family to wear. “To keep lost loved ones near.” She had said as she presented the gift to the bride and groom, a knowing nod to Baelfire. They were not the only ones missing family today.

The children, still too young to fully grasp the concept of death, did not quite understand the meaning but were happy to wear the crowns when presented, clearly happy with the gift from their grandmother.

“It’s time.” Iona said with a soft smile, leading her through the wooded path to the ceremonial clearing. She could hear idle chatter, quickly hushed when the older woman stepped into view. The children, on cue, trotted towards their father, Orlaith scattering petals as she walked with a skip in her step, her boys each carrying one white stone each, which they left at the Officiant’s paws, all three stepping to one side and watching their mother curiously.

All eyes were on her now, and Sorcha took a breath. Giving her mother a smile, she stepped out beside her, walking down to the man who would soon be her husband.

Taking her place beside Baelfire and flashing him a bright smile, she looked to the Officiant.

The ceremonial stones were exchanged, as were kisses, and they were officially “husband and wife.” A cheer passed through the crowd as the newlyweds traveled down the aisle together, heading into the world as a married couple.

Now it was time for the most famous part of a Highland wedding - the reception.

“Well, husband,” she replied, laughing as she emphasised the word. “We should probably thank our wonderful friends and family for showing up.”
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Gwydion Kinnaird
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Gwydion Kinnaird
Gwydion was bored.


He didn't want to ruin this day for his parents, so he played his part perfectly and behaved himself... for once.

Really, it was all wonderful and beautiful, but he was a rambunctious little boy and all he wanted to do was cause a ruckus just for the fun of it. He somehow refrained (perhaps his brother and sisters watchful glares had something to do with it) and once the ceremony was over, he was free to roam the small gathering and poke his nose about, especially where it didn't belong. He didn't stay in one spot for long, shoving his way in and out of groups just to leave quickly because the conversations bored him. He'd make his way about the crowed like this for a while before growing even more bored and wandering to the edge to stare off at something in the distance.

There was a lone deer, grazing along the treeline and while he itched to chase it, he could already hear his mother's tense voice behind him. He drew a breath and settled for watching it unless someone addressed him, which they probably wouldn't. He was just a kid after all and this party was a grown-up party.

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Arran Kinnaird
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Little Lion Man
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A wedding didn’t mean much to the little lion man himself. The word, the sentiment, all of it lost on the young soul. Perhaps the only thing he truly understood was ‘love’ but not in verbiage simply in action. For it existed for him since the beginning even if he could not label it as such. He saw it in his father’s steadfast gaze. He felt it in his mother’s warm touch. He heard it in the way in which his siblings called for him and today, he endured it.

Arran endured the love of his family today. For it existed in the crown of flowers upon his head because they were made by grandmother Iona. So too did it live in the dutiful trot down the aisle with a special white stone under his care by his parents. Of course, it burst forth from his chest as he struggled to be still during the ceremony as he had promised. Then finally that enduring love was made easy again as the formalities ended and a pup was free to be a pup once more.

It was of no surprise to Arran that it was Gwydion who succumbed to the independence first. It had been his own personal mission to keep his brother from ruining the day with his childish antics but now the situation was out of his control. He no longer wished to have guardianship over him however the mundane conversations of the adults could not hold his attention either. It was with a somewhat reluctant sigh that he sought out his siblings once again.

On the edge of the party, at the edge of the wood was where he saw Gwydion first. Yet he did not approach. It was instead with a particular intent that he hung back to watch his fox coated sibling. For the little lion man was quite observant and it did not take him long to catch sight of what had transfixed his brother’s stare. Not far off was a lone deer feeding. My how did it beckon Gwydion to chase it. So much so that Arran wagged his tail in excitement as well. Half wishing to goad his brother into trouble and half perhaps wishing to beat him to it instead!

There was a mischievous glance over one of his ivory shoulders to assess the gathering of wolves, to gauge if this was a calculated risk worth taking. For even if the adults were all caught up in this wedding business, there was another he had to account for first, mom’s shadow. Orlaith.

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Orlaith Kinnaird
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orlaith kinnaird
The morning began with an outrageously optimistic Orlaith awake and ready for the day at the crack of dawn, much to the delight of her brothers. It was time! It was The Day! She could hardly contain her excitement; her entire body wiggled as she eventually woke her siblings. They were not quick to rise, and her patience depleted in seconds. It wasn't long after that she left them to find her mother and grandmother.


Orlaith sat as still as a statue, tickled pink at the fact that an actual flower crown was on her head. Right now! At this moment! Gramma had made it for them, she told them, and it took everything in her to remain still as she gently placed the head piece around her granddaughters ears. She was honoured! And so with an energetic skip in her steps, the flower girl danced out to the awaiting crowd while spreading the soft petals along the ground behind her. Nervousness combined with elation overwhelmed the child (in a good way!) internally, and all she could do was giggle - as quietly as she could - while her parents eventually joined her at the altar.


There was so much going on throughout the day that the remainder of the day became nothing more than blurry memories for the young girl. There were so many new faces and names that she couldn't even remember one of them. Regardless, that didn't mean she wasn't having the absolute blast. Never before in her short life had she seen so many pretty things! Various flowers and accompanying scents wafted in the air, and soon enough Orlaith was distracted; her previous "responsibilities" forgotten in a breaths moment.

Somehow, she ended up in the company of her brothers. Having not seen them since the morning (she didn't count the whole wedding thing since they didn't actually talk), Orlaith was curious to know what they had been up to. Glancing between the two now, she assumed... well, the usual.

Gwydion didn't seem too interested in anything but whatever he was staring at in the abyssmal darkness of the forests. She wasn't all that surprised, but what did grab her attention was the fact that Arran too was interested... Squaring her shoulders, the youngest sibling did her best attempt at stalking towards Arrans side; her steps soft upon the dirt beneath her.

If he still hadn't noticed her up to this point, Orlaith pop'd her lips to break the silence, a wide grin quick to spread across her small muzzle.

"Orlaith talks."
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Alexei veteris
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He'd sat through the wedding with tears threatening to spill for most of it. To anyone else, he may have looked silly. Amethyst eyes follow Sorcha down the aisle, with one of her children tossing petals into the air. He watches all the way down to Baelfire, who's never had a brighter smile on his face. There is happiness for them, all the happiness in the world. Alexei wills it to the newlyweds. Somewhere, deep in his belly, something stirs. The wind felt somewhat closer when it washed over him. Loneliness sprouted within his chest; aching all the same as weary from his well wishes.

The wedding bells dismiss them all towards a general congregation. Baelfire's children seemed to be wrapped in their own little world, Lex watched them for a moment - he remembers times when he was that carefree. With his own siblings. A small smile pulled at the edges of his lips. He wore it more so today than he'd done in a year and a half. Every time he was around Baelfire, his newfound friend, he felt that way. Sorcha must have always been happy. Alexei looked towards them to see that no one flooded them just yet. He picked himself up off the ground to make his way over to the couple, leaving the children to play among themselves.

"Congratulations!" Sea salt drifted into the area as Alexei trotted over to them. He had an urge to bump shoulders with his best friend, but kept the impulse to himself. He didn't want to bother the couple too much nor distract his friend from his new wife. "You looked beautiful, Sorcha." He mentioned with a dip of his head towards her. Then his gaze fell upon the couple and any of the heartache that he felt truly dissipated into happiness for his friend. He felt the burn in his eyes again, but refused to let anyone in on it. "I wish you guys all the happiness in the world, you both deserve it."

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Nephele Fritz
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Nurse of Haven
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Nephele was nothing if not sentimental. She could not attend a wedding without shedding a tear… or in her case bathing her cheeks in a soggy stream of endless tears. She sniffled as she listened to the bride and groom exchange vows, mind drifting back to the day she had married Kylar. It had been a magical day too. Nephele wished that the couple would look back on this moment and remember it with as much love and fondness as she did hers. Baelfire was a good man and a dear friend. She had come to know Sorcha through their darling children and her experience of pregnancy. It was clear to her they both cared for each other very strongly so she had no doubt that they were going to live happily ever after.

Oh. Excuse me, she muttered sheepishly as she tried to navigate the crowd and make her way to the new husband and wife. Sorry. Oops. Was that your tail? she flashed what she hoped was an apologetic smile to whoever’s tail she had accidentally stepped on.

Baelfire! Sorcha! Nephele exclaimed, nose catching their scents. Hopefully they weren’t having private time. Her nose confirmed the presence of another guest and she sighed in relief. The children’s puppy scents also drifted on the air. Oh they must be so big by now. I’m so happy for you both, a little sniffle. Nephele don’t you start crying again. She warned herself. You both do deserve it, she echoed in agreement, hoping she was smiling in the direction of the man who had just spoken. Maybe it’s your turn next, she giggled teasingly, addressing Alexei.

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