Sisters of Samhain

Nimue Tuonela Ó Saoirse
Female 4 Lowlander College of Eòlas Student



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Nimue's Grimoire
Sisters of Samhain
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Sisters of Samhain
a coven of gifted witches and mystics
dreams unwind, love's a state of mind
Within This Coven
our way of life;
Sisters of Samhain are a circle of witches united in the passion to preserve the art of witchcraft in pursuit of knowledge for the betterment of all living creatures.

This coven has a focus on the feminine divine and elemental attunement.

Each witch will walk her own path and all are invited to commune to share what they know, to learn from one another, as well as to celebrate in traditional pagan holidays to honor the seasons of Nature with other like-minded individuals.

College of Eòlas

Those who would seek to do harm unto others.

Those who threaten the balance of the natural world.

Current Following
High Priestesses;

Who of you are worthy?

Inner Circle;
To whom do we owe the pleasure?

Outer Circle;
Which of you are seekers?
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